Friday, 1 June 2012

Swimming Recount

I felt very happy and thrilled when I found out that Room Fourteen was going swimming. I love swimming. But when I heard  that I couldn‘t go my heart was full of disappointment and dispair. Before  when I was going swimming I remembered how much fun I had.

When we got to the Swimming Pool we quickly  rushed to get change into our togs and slowly walked to the shower to get cleaned before we hop in the pool. After we are done we go to the pool that we are swimming in and the  group there are only three groups that we can be in. I was in group three last year but this year it gone back i’m in group two. Our instructor is a her. Her name is  Natale.

In the first place we were learning about arm circles and when we were done we did kicking and holding on to the that was helping us.Then we tried it without the board, we had fun but we were not up to that level.

I think that I need to improve in my arm circles.Next time I will be better than last time i can swim and I love to be good at it.

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