Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Holiday's are such fun!!! Isn't it. Well what I love about holiday's is that you get 2 weeks of school. Just kidding!! As I am on holiday I am quite missing my netbook because I did not get to take it home. I am missing my class my teacher my friends even when the holidays are just 14 days witch is 2 weeks.

On of the things that I love about holidays it that you don't have to wake up early. I mean early!! I am seeing my cousin and sisters playing on the computer but it looks like they don't miss school or even the things I said earlyer.

I really miss my cousin in Australia. I just want to say this to you cousin I miss you and may God be with you where evre you go and in in trouble you are in. I miss you a lot.

Friday, 12 July 2013

My Highlight Paragraph.

My high light for this term is going to be working with my literacy group. Today at assembly Miss Tito display the winning movies for the Te Reo Maori movie compation. I am going to miss this term with my literacy group and not just that but my friend Shirquera is going to be leaving this term to Hastings. Pt England School is going to miss you a lot with your sister too. I hope you have a safe trip and a Lovely day.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Te Reo Maori DLO

Hi this is my movie about Te Reo Maori with some of my friends. I hope you enjoyed!!!!

My Antarctica Animation.

Hi this is my movie about antarctica. I is mostly talking about my killer whale and a little bit of my seal and also my penguin. I hope you enjoy and learn a lot and leave some awesome feed back. Thanks!!!

Monday, 8 July 2013

X Factor!!!

I hope Cassie and Jackie don't get out!!! I wish all the best for everyone. I wonder who is going home? Do you think Cassie is going to win? Who do you think is going to win?

Netball Inspired By The Silver Ferns.

Showing the skills!!!!

Working As a team!!

Up and In!!! 
Up and In!!!
I chose to play netball because I got inspired by the silver ferns. I mostly got inspired by Maria Tuitaia. I love how she plays and how she shoots. She is a really good example to all the other little ones who also wants to play too. 

Netball is not only for girls but for even boys. My school (Pt England) has a girl and a boy mix netball team. They won all of their games. Thats how good boys are too. 

I started to play netball when I was a year 4. I was playing for my school. My team that time was called the Panthers. I had my friends Hannah, Rebekah, Sarah, Puawai, Rave, Mary, Nikita, Ofa and also me too and someone but I forgot in my team the Panthers.

Then I started to see that netball is getting fun so I started to play when I was a year 5. 

I love netball and I still want to represent my school until I go to collage then I will play for another team. Or I was thinking of coaching or reefing netball. 

To people all over the world ( If you haven't played netball then you should try it out and see how it goes because I am telling you that it is a lot funner and heaps of fun if you you play by the rules like you have too and play hard and fair).

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Kelly Tarltons

Today we are going to Kelly Tarlton's. We saw heaps of cool things like fish,Penguins,Stingray,sharks,Starfish,seahorse and more. As I am telling you about this it kind of smells like fish because fish is just next to me Euuuuuuu YUCK!!!

There is also kids from my school playing on the park of Kelly Tarltons. As I look on the other side I can see through the window that we are in a building under water.

I am so hungry and thirsty watching people around me eating and drinking. It is so fun so far. I went to Kelly Tarlton's with my mum as a helper and my class while my dad went with my sister’s class to help as a helper.

To Be Continued................................

Happy Birthday Asena

Happy Birthday Asena,
I wish God bless you more and more and be with you.
She is 11 years of age.
Happy Birthday.