Friday, 25 April 2014

Anzac Day!

To me Anzac Day means giving respect to those soldiers and people who put their life's to risk to save our country and also us, people who live in New Zealand Aotearoa. In battles they went through some survived and some didn't. It's heart braking when someone you are close to or someone in your family died in wars like ones soldiers go to.

For me I want war to end and live life peacefully and in calm. I went to say sorry to all the family's who are heart broken because they have either lost one of their friends, family, close relatives and family again like uncle, granddad, brother or dad. I give my respect and We will remember them.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Jib Jab!

If you don't know about Jib Jab well listen to what I got to say.

Jib Jab is a website where you can take a snap shot of yourself then pick a dance you want to be in or a song video then you import yourself then there you are.

Once I did it, it was making me laugh really hard. Try it and have your laughs.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Empathy Movie

This is my movie that shows an example of empathy. As doing this movie I had help from one of my friends Mary. Thank You Mary. I hope you enjoy!!

Math DLO Week 7

There were 176 apples in the crate which had to be shared out between 8 classes. How many do each class get?

Week 5 Math DLO

There were 57 sheep in the first paddock then the farmer herded in another 196. How many are in the paddock now?

Weekly Quiz (John Kirwan)

Sir John James Patrick Kirwan is his actual name you know.

If you don't know much about him or anything about him stay here and read all about it.

Sir James Patrick Kirwan a rugby union couch of the team Auckland Blues.Did you know that earlier in the days he himself use to play both rugby union and rubgy league.

And also his grandfather use to represent New Zealand in rugby

He was educated at the well known school in Mangere in East Auckland the school De La Salle. Sir John James Patrick Kirwan is an a amazing man and amazing example for young boys who want to grow up and couch or play rugby union or rugby league.

Week 6 Math DLO

Tom weighs 65.2 kg and Jerry weighs 62.8 kg. How much heavier is Tom than Jerry?

Weekly Quiz (Lorde/Muppet Lorde)

Lorde well known as a solo singer. She is also young talented kiwi girl.

She is also well known because of her amazing song royals. It tells me that if your a talented you should show it because you never know what could happen to you just like Lorde.

But did you actually name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor. Her date of birth is the 7th of November 1996 so she is 17 years of age.

And have you ever heard of the Muppet. Is a wonderful show to watch it can bring you laughter and joy and sometimes sadness maybe cause of the story.

Did you know that there is one the represents Lorde. She is called Muppet Lorde. They so look alike. Don't they!!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Fia Fia!

Fia Fia is a performance that showcases your talent. There are different categories manly culture. For example Samoan, Tonga, Niuean, Asian, Hawaiian and etc. Our previous Fia Fia was last year celebrating our 60th anniversary.

My first Fia Fia ever was in 2008. The category I participated in that year was the Junior Samoan group. But this year my category is different I chose to do something different so I chose Hawaiian. This year on the 9th of April was our 2014 Fia Fia.

The last few weeks mainly on thursday after lunch would be that day and time we would go to our group for about 2 or 3 practices. The teachers who were helping in my group Hawaiian was the lovely Miss Ouano and Miss Eddie.

As the weeks came past our focus changed to our costumes. We needed red singlets and not everyone had one so it came to a point of a bake sale. So we had a bake sale. We sold Cup cakes and donuts and brownies and cake for that amount of like 50 cents, 1 dollar and 2 dollars individually.

The amount we aimed for was about 100 dollars but we raised $259.50 all together. So our teachers went off shopping and looking for red singlets. They came back with red singlets for people who didn't have ones.

When they came back we had great happy good news we had about 30$ and more so we are going to have a Pizza Party.

For me Fia Fia was amazing. It was my last Fia Fia and I am going to miss it. Again Fia Fia is a Blessing and it is a disapointment I have to miss out on the next one. MAHALO!!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Fia Fia

Tomorrow is the day where we performed our performance that we practised over 3 weeks or so. And tomorrow is the day. I am so excited I cannot wait and I am so happy that it finally a time to see everyone's talent so Fia Fia here we are and bring it bring it on!!!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Weekly Quiz (Joseph Parker)

Joseph Parker is well known as a boxer who represents new Zealand. He not just a boxer but he is a professional boxer.He was born on January the 9th 1992 born in Apia Samoa. He is 22 year of age and weighs 103 kg.  His nationality is is Samoan.

He took up boxing when he is 11 years old and trained at a Papatoetoe gym. He went school at Marcellin College near Royal Oak.

Joseph Parker have won 7 games in a row. My point of view is that Mr Parker has an amazing talent and is a amazing athlete. I think how he became what he is now was because he aimed for it and keep on going and he strive to succeed.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Rainy Day

Today was a rainy day. Rain Drops came poring from the clouds and splashy on to the ground. In the middle of lunch time the rain started to pore. It gave me at shock cause I thought it was going to be a lovely day today the sun out and the wind blowing in and out. But thing turned out wrong really wrong. In the morning the sun was kind of out but it went. So that was my rainy day today.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Show Not Tell!

“Hurry up and go to bed Cara it is really late.” commanded mum. I could hear my dad fast asleep snoring. I opened my bedroom door and could feel the cold breeze so I quickly ran and closed the curtains and then tucked myself into my bed. As I layed down the moonlight shone into my room through my curtains. I saw shadows on my wall of the branchless trees

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Banning Cars!!

On the 17th of March 2014 in the French capital city of Pairs has made the radical step of banning cars. The law for banning car’s, is that the air pollution is going fine but is people doing what they are suppose to do. The cars in Paris with odd-numbered registration plates, is the only cars that is allowed to be on the roads in Paris on certain days.

Our Government was trying to reduce the air pollution levels in the City because it is going way too high. People driving will also get fined if they don't stick with the new rules in the French capital City of Paris. If odd numbered plates drive on the road in Paris when it is an even day there car will get towed.

In New Zealand on the 30th July 1979, it is the similar scenario that took place in Paris too. The oil crisis is really bad and someone will get endured, but if the Government of the French capital city of Paris does something about it then no one will get hurt.

Made By Lizara and Quasia

My Book Review!!

Book Title: Stick Dudes Water Fight Frenzy
Author: Felice Arena
Reviewer: Quasia Class 4
Grand total of books read this year:
Book Genre: (Highlight)

  • Science fiction
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Mystery
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Series
  • Fantasy
  • Other (state)

  • Biographies/Autobiographies
  • Historical
  • Instructional
  • Other (state)
Insert photo of book cover here:

Reading Level:
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Advanced
(Leave how many stars you rate it.)
This book is about Ben and his friends having a pool date just like having a play date. They thought of the idea of a pool date because it's the holidays, and finally the sun is out. As they were at their pool date Ben told his friends if they would like to play pirates.So Ben had to keep a sharp lookout for any pirates. Then comes the problem in Ben's next door their lived girls and they hated Ben and his friends.
The girls next door are having a play date and the cannot play and continued...........
I was relieved she looked the other way as she handed me my shorts. "Tie them up tight this time, Ben," she smirked. "And come and have some lemonade."