Thursday, 31 May 2012

Marking My Paragraph

I was marking my writing and adding  my total up and it was 17/20!!

Have you ever heard about an American artist that paints Art and usually Pop Art?  Well that artist is named Andy Warhol the prince of art. He is a man that use interesting and different things from other artist.He is a Famous artist because he is one of the first person that created Pop Art.One of his painting had Marilyn Monroe and Mohammed Ali, some famous people.

Andy Warhol style of art was called Pop Art. Pop Art is a art that  popular celebrity is in the painting like Marilyn Monroe and Mohamed Ali and the president of China his name is Mao. One of his pop art are not just celebrity but also popular foods cans like Tomato Soups in the old days also he painted dollar bills and one picture of Michael Jackson.

In his art  he use bright colours and invert them in opposite places.He  also use sharp simple strong shapes to make it stand out.He doesn't just paint it originally but he screen paint it.In his art he also have dark strong outlines.His outlines are the one that makes it look real and sharp.

If Andy was alive right now he would use more awesome things to put on his painting so he can have more then he had then and guess what he is still famous even when he is dead.My favourite peace of his art is Marilyn Monroe because it has diffrent kind of style’s and also use some rainbow colours.

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