Ambassador 2013

I am one of the 8 year six students selected to represent Pt England School as an Ambassador in 2013.  One of the important roles we fulfil is to speak to visitors to our school about how we learn here at Pt England. Sometimes we host visitors on behalf of the Manaiakalani Education Trust.

Inland Revenue Department Visit
The Pt England School Ambassadors were invited to travel to Wellington on October 24th 2013 to talk to the leaders of teams who work for the Inland Revenue Department. Below, you can see a video of our visit and further down a link to the Google site we made to prepare for the visit.  We found out a whole lot of interesting things about the IRD!

 Click here to see the site

 The ambassadors were also invited as Keynote speakers to a large audience at the New Zealand RTLB conference. If you watch to the end you will see the longest standing ovation ever!



  1. I am so proud you Quasia :)

  2. Hello Quasia -
    This is just a quick note to say thank you so much for hosting our group when we visited your school last Tuesday (June 11). We wanted to learn about how Pt England school approaches digital learning, and you and the other Ambassadors did a brilliant job of helping us understand. We're really grateful for your time and your effort.
    Best wishes

  3. Hi Quasia what a great post. You have beautiful pictures and you and the other Ambassadors are so confident talking to a lot of special visitors. Amazing !!!