Monday, 16 December 2013

My 2013 Reflection

Through this year was quite tough. Meaning of hard doing harder work like in maths and in writing and also being a year 6. But I overcomed it. What I have learnt from a teacher is how to impact my writing with interesting things trying to make the audience draw into my writing.  

I’ve also learnt things from a friend through this year not just a teacher but a friend. The fact or advice she gave me was upon my animation. It was about my person once I showed her my whole animation she said “ Your person is moving like a robot and we humans are not robots so what I am thinking of is that you should try to move your body parts a 
bit smaller.” So I took that advice and put it in my animation.

Receiving Our gifts from Variety Club.

Last Friday we had Santa Karly come over to our school. Her and her elves gave the whole school presents. It was an amazing blessing. Once I got home I open my present and started to play with it.
Thank You Variety Club and Karly.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

My Animation

Hi this is my animation about milking. I hope you enjoy!!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Friends come all different sizes and shapes. But your friend is wonderful how it is. Who are you to judge on how they look like and how they dress. You don't have to change how you dress just to fit in and who you really are. Friends are on of the special things in your life so you should treasure it. And always be yourself.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Today's Xtra math's Result

This is my xtra math result for today. I cannot believe I am on Division !!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My Camp Presentation.

Hi this is my presentation of my adventure at Kawau Island or Year 6 Camp. Hope you enjoy !!

Friday, 29 November 2013

Have a safe trip Nee and Neti to Aussie.

On Wednesday my cousin and aunty left new Zealand to Aussie.  I just want to say may God be with you and we all miss you.

Welcome To Pt England School

Have you every had a new kid come into your school with only 3 weeks left. Well today we have a new student  named Michael. I just want to say welcome. SO WELCOME !!! 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Stop Bulling and Be Kind to new kids !!!!

Hi this is a movie about people who always bully other people and kids mostly new people and me and my friend Ramonadel thinks that not right what you are doing so that why we are making this movie to show how much pain you put onto the people or kids that you bully. So I hope you enjoy and please leave your feedback.

Monday, 18 November 2013

How New Zealand was formed.

HI this is my movie about the fish of Maui. It is my voice over. I hope you enjoy and have a great time watching it. Thank You !!!!! Please leave your feedback.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Edited Writing Test.

“ My turn my turn mum !” Shouted Sandy and Annabel. Mum Replied “ Hold on girls let the little boys have a turn first .” But mum me and Sandy were waiting for long to feed the little lambs. The boys are going to take forever. 

As Sandy and Annabel were watching angrily at their brothers feeding the little lambs, they felt bored. Sandy suggested to Annabel that they should sneak away over to there friend Jessie’s place. 

But then the butterflies came into Annabel. Annabel is always sincerer that she couldn’t hide anything or lie. But on my other hand Sandy, she was good at those to things. You could count on her to keep a secret. 

So Sandy said “ Are you in Annabel !” Annabel said to her other sister Sandy with a worried voice “ Yeeeeeeeeeeessss.” Tires nearly came out of Annabel’s eyes. Because every time she would do something bad even though it wasn’t her idea she would get the blame.

 While Sandy is staring at her and having a laugh. So Sandy started tipi toeing to the path and then she ran. Her feet stared trampling and trampling, while Annabel is still coming. Annabel is covering her mouth so she doesn’t scream or anything then after tipi toeing she ran fast as she could over to Sandy witch was already at  Jessie’s place.

Sandy went to in front of Jessie door and as she was going to place her hand on the door to knock she saw a letter written by Jessie it goes like this, “ Hi we are not here we are of to somewhere amazing for a holiday YEAH we are of to Africa like I just said just for a holiday so if you want to talk to us give us a call on this number below 565519# .” 

 Annabel was so buffed from that run that she didn’t know anything about Jessie’s family holiday of to Africa. Because she was next to the gate way trying to get her breath back. After Sandy has recored that letter on her mind went to Annabel and told her everything she recored. 

Cause another fact about Sandy was that she had an amazing memory. Annabel said to Sandy “ Well we had to sneak away from mum but not just mum we also sneaked away from home just to read this STUPID LETTER ” Sandy angrily replied “ We came to see if

Jessie was here.” As they were arguing they heard a voice. They quickly went quite. Annabel got scared. So as Sandy. Than they heard it again. They thought that Jessie's place was haunted. They went to check at the backgard but nothing. Then Annabel really got scared. Then thunder and lightning started pouring down from the sky. 

Then they ran to the door way of Jessie's place. Their hearts stared to pound fast. 200 hundred pounds per minute. Then they heard that whisper again. They went around at the back again in the thunder and the lightning and then the saw a wombed little kitten. Sandy raced to it took it away from the thunder and lightning then race back home. 

At home Sandy and Annabel's mum was worried. Cause they have been gone for long and plus it was lightning and thunder. Then when Sandy and Annabel's mum heard someone knocked on the door she quickly ran and open it and there they were Sandy and Annabel and the wombed kitten. 

Sandy said quickly " Mum can you fix this poor little kitten " Mum replied" Okay I will try to do what I can." When The little kitten was good as new the thunder and lightning started to disappear while the sun is coming. Everyone was happy but Annabel and sandy was grounded. So they now learned there lesson.  It is................


Monday, 11 November 2013

Athletics Day Story

Athletics Day Story !!!!!! ( Matatua )

On Friday we had our school athletics day. We did sports like High jump, Triple jump, Discus, Shot Put, Javelin, Sprint, Tug A War and sack race. The category I was in was the year 6 girls. All of them were my friends so it was kind of weird racing and competing against my friends.

That day was so hot. But not for long cause there came a time where rains started pouring. Rain drops splashed everywhere and I can say most of them went on me. And that wasn’t nice at all mother nature!!! Our first sport was the amazing Shot put. I myself know shot put mostly because well of course Olympic and Valerie Adams. Talk about Valerie she is a star.

In shot put I came 3rd then it dropped to 4th then it went down up and YEAH. Well unluckily I did not make it in the top 3 for the inter zone. After that sport we tramped our feet over to the sport Mr S ( Somerville ) was hosting with one of our well known friends Jarred the sport Discus. When we first got there we listen to the instruction that Jarred and Mr S told us. Then the game has started. We were organized in lines 2 lines to be exacted.

To Be continued........

Have A safe Trip Peter Fatialofa

I just want to say I am so sorry for the lost to the Fatialofa family. He was an awesome player and an awesome coach. He played for the team Manu samoa and also the whole of Samoa!

Manuia lo malaga Peter Fatialofa !!!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Retelling A Story

One lovely day the was a girl who lived on a beautiful farm. She was the rouse. Everyday her dad would always shave the sheep, and that day was today. As her dad was shaving the sheep her job was the Rouse as you already know. The Rouses job was to carry the fleeces to the table, sort the wool, load the wool into the press and to sweep all the wool of the ground. And plus on that lovely farm they did not just have one sheep they had 1500 of them. So she had to do her job over and over and over again. 1500 of them.  She also had dog. Three of them to be exacted.

W.A.L.T. Show not tell when writing a paragraph.

W.A.L.T. Show not tell when writing a paragraph.

As people cheer and clap I feel so bored. "TO MUCH CLAPPING I say to myself." I just cannot wait until I go home. My brother next to me is so entertained. While I am here fingering out eagerly what time it is.  

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Manu Samoa

Manu Samoa is my family's home team. They have the Mana the pation and the strength. Samoa is my nationality.  The play hard and fare. It doesn't matter if we lose or win but we still play hard and fare.


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Emma and Gemma's trip to Super Adventure Land

 This is a picture of a rubric marking the scores of my narrative and also my friends Sela. Sela's mark is the colour Yellow and my is the colour blue.

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Emma. She had a friend named Gemma they were besties for quite a long time. Today was Gemma's birthday and Emma wanted to celebrate it by going to somewhere she’s never been before.

It had Roller coasters and heaps of other different rides but the one Emma had in mind was the 2.1.0.o. ride. It was the scariest ride in town. You can also tell by the name. It was built in 1821 by a man named Steve Henderson the son of John Henderson. Emma would always wake up and ring Gemma to catch up on her if she had a great sleep and girl things.

But this morning it was Gemma’s birthday so instead of Emma doing her normal things like she always does like ring up to catch up on Gemma. But today she tried to keep it like a surprise. So Emma sneaked out of bed ran got changed quickly then ran up to her mum Sandra and said “ Mummy you know it is my friend Gemma’s birthday and I want it to be a surprise so can you ring her mum and tell her to tell Gemma that she has to stay home PLEASE ”. So Emma’s mum did it but she did it she had a confused face, because Emma hasn't been so excited like this ever.

So when Gemma’s mum got the phone call she rushed quietly because Gemma just woke up and told Gemma. Gemma tried to ask her mum what was going on and why didn't Emma ring her but her mum was to fast she ran off. Gemma’s mum had butterflies in her stomach because she was so eager to tell Gemma but she made her promise. Over across at Emma’s place Emma was all over the place too busy doing the decorations her mum thought that she might have forgotten about the 2.1.0.o tickets.

So when she was done, she told her mum again “ Mum can you ring Gemma’s Mum to tell Gemma she came come over now ". As Gemma and her mum was coming, Gemma thought everyone must have forgotten about her birthday because her mum didn't say HAPPY BIRTHDAY not even her best friend Emma.

So as Gemma and her mum stood in front of Emma’s door, Gemma started to fell a little better because she thought Emma might remember her birthday. Then when Emma’s mum opened the door Emma ran out of nowhere and came up to her and shouted with a big voice “ HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEMMA "! Then Gemma thought again to herself so Emma, no one forgot about my birthday. Emma said to Gemma " This is going to be the best birthday ever "!

So before Gemma stepped into the house Emma ran out with tickets in her hand and said “ We are not staying here first we have to go somewhere first ". And that somewhere was the 2.1.0.o ride in Super Adventure Land. They all hopped into Emma’s car and Sandra Emma’s mum drove them to Super Adventure land. As Emma's mum was driving she thought " So Emma hasn't forgot about the tickets after all ".

Once they got there they all hopped out with excitement and ran to the counter. Emma ran first she gave the man at the counter the tickets and then she leaded everyone to the 2.1.0.o ride. Emma was the first one there then came Gemma and then it came the mums. The ride was only for Emma and Gemma so Emma and Gemma hopped inside the ride and buckled there seat belts and of went the ride. It went up, down, down, up it was super super fun that’s why it was called Super adventure land.

Then it came to a point it went super high and when it was about to go down it suddenly STOP. Booommm bannnggg booooom it was really broken. Gemma couldn't believe it. She said to Emma “ OMG this cannot be happening on my birthday”, then Emma just realise she forgot to say “ I hope you enjoy the ride”. 

Because that's what she would always say when they go on any ride. But she forgot to say it on this ride so Emma said “ I hope you enjoy this ride”. Then by the time Emma was finishing of saying the word ride the 2.1.0.o went back on and then Gemma was happy again and gave a big lovely hug to Emma. And the they enjoyed their ride.

The End !!!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Sina the Superwoman

This is a picture beside me is a rubric that is showing me and my friend Sela's Mark. Yellow is Sela and Blue is me!

Once upon a time there lived a family in a village. In the family they had a very clever girl named Sina and she had to little brothers named Joseph and Junior. They were really sneaky. They had very nice parents by the name of Mary and Sam.

The village they lived in was called The village of Moana. Moana was there Queen in that village. Sina’s parents were farmers well not actually. They didn't have animals like horses and that but they only had animals like pigs and Chicken. Mary and Sam was good at growing food. They would grow heaps and heaps of food for their family mostly corn.

But by the time Moana past away there food started to disappear it was no longer growing like it use to but instead of growing it was just disappearing. Sina and her brothers were really disappointed because how they didn't have enough food to eat. So Sina said to her brothers it is time for the Sina the superwoman to be the hero. That’s what Sina would always say if she had the disappointed feeling in her.

One night Sina went over to her friends house named Sala. She stayed over at Sala’s house for a night to practice for her school culture dance. After lots of practice Sala felt a little bit tried so she went to sleep. While Sina was left alone practising instead of practising she sneaked out through Sala’s window and waited and waited for something to happen to  Sala’s backyard.

Sala’s parents were also farmers and the same problem was happening to their food to. So as Sina waited and waited she started to fall asleep but then she heard a sound it came from the bush over there. So Sina slowly creped over and BOOM she scared the thing at the back of the bush and when she saw what it was, is was only Sina’s pig eating the corn that was growing.     

So Sina put her pig back into her parents farm. Then instead of going back to Sala’s house she went straight inside her house and enjoyed her beautiful sleep. Then when the day went past she woke up the next morning and told her parents what happen so her and her parents went spreading it to the whole village. Then that night the whole village came all together at Sina’s house and had a little party and celebration because Sina the superwoman saved the day.

The End!!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sister is family!!

Here is my sisters. There names are Marilyn at the top and at the bottom is my sister named Glennes.

We love each other and we have that sister thing we argue but you know we are not perfect.

Sisters are family to me but how about you?

Monday, 21 October 2013

Girl Ambassadors

Do you know the Pt England girl ambassadors. Well here is your chance to know. Here are the Girl Ambassadors.

If you don't know what Ambassador means well it means people who represent someone or something and they speak about that thing or that person.

Well these are the Pt England girl ambassadors.

Hope you Enjoy!!

Saturday, 19 October 2013

I.R.D. Interview

Could you ever imagine living in a world where people don’t pay their taxes? Some people do! Why? They don’t know what the government spends the money on and only want to keep it for themselves.  
But did you know that if we all did that then the world would be a more empty place. What am I talking about? Well, I mean there would be no Hospitals, Dentist, Schools etc...

Do you know where the taxes money goes to? The taxes money supports things like Student loans and like I just said Hospitals, Dentist, Schools and did you know even the police. Did you know that without the police the world would be a dangerous place.. The environment wouldn’t be healthy and most of all it wouldn’t be safe.

You know without the taxes we pay schools wouldn’t have exsisted. I know right!!!

Taxes come from money from peoples wages or income and also G.S.T ( Good Service Taxes ).  

GST is when you go shopping you are giving some of that money to the government. In the weekends me and my family went out to get some fish and chips. It cost $10.  I now know that some of the money goes to the government and it is called GST.

Could you see now that the taxes money is actually helpful. So everyone out there pay your taxes!!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Retelling the story of A foal was born.

One day there was a horse named Del. The owner had a son named Ryan who would always have his
eyes on the Horse.He even had his eyes on Del for a whole eleven months and watched her grow bigger and bigger. 

When Ryan woke up the next morning his mum was already down at the horse paddock. When he went there he saw that Del just born a foal.

Ryan wanted to touch the little foal but he had to go school. So off he went and then after school he came straight home to stroke Del's little foal. When he started stroking it Ryan's mum decided that the little foal's name is Dusty.

Then when Ryan finished stroking Dusty he let Dusty and Del get used to each other.  After that Ryan's mum came and put a looped rope around Dusty so she can get used to it.

Monday, 14 October 2013

All about my holidays.

In the holidays I was invited to my 
little cousins birthday. We celebrated it and the movies with the birthday girl's sisters and cousins.
Once we got to the movies all of us who were invited thought that we were watching the movie Smurf Part 2. But when we got there my aunty was the organiser  of everything went to the counter and told the person that we are here for the movies Smurf Part 2 but when we told that person the person replied " Sorry but the movie has already started and it is really full ".

When my aunty told us we felt disappointed. But we enjoyed the movie PLANES and had an amazing time my cousins. And Happy birthday to my cousin Masina.

My Adventure at Lesieli's Birthday Party!!!!!

On saturday was Lesieli's birthday party. She invited Me, Josephine, Sela and Rave. First she came with her mum to get us.

Then Leseli's mum drove us to Sylvia Park. We were going there because we were going to watch a movie. When we got a the mall of Sylvia Park we first went to 
PAK'n SAVE!!!!

When Lesieli's mum parked the car she told us the we were going to PAK'n SAVE to go get some snacks then we went.

After that we rushed to the movies because we were going to watch a movie called Modal Instrument at 12.20 o'clock but we were late so that's why we rushed.

When we got there we ran to wait in line. We went there and the movie already started so we chose Despicable Me 2.  We got our tickets and our snacks and rushed to the man who was sorting the tickets and ran to go watch Despicable Me 2.

When we went the movie already started but we didn't care.
We had heaps of fun and enjoyed it a lot.

I'm a farmer and I grow it!

Team 4 teachers created this movie for the term 4 immersion assembly, of 2013 based on the theme of farming. We hope you enjoy our take on a LMFAO song!

Monday, 16 September 2013

A tree is like a hungry kid!!

- What Substance does a tree use for food?


- What four things does a tree need for photosynthesis?
Sunlight, Water, Chlorophyll, Carbon dioxide.

-  What causes a tree’s leaves to appear green?
Because it shows that the is eating glucose.

- What signals a tree to preparing for winter?
The days become colder.
The weather becomes dry.
There are more rainy days.
There are fewer hours of sunlight.

- How does a tree get water?
It makes water into leaves.
It turns glucose into water.
It absorbs water through its roots.
It uses photosynthesis.

- Why do a tree’s leaves change colour in the fall?
The tree has less chlorophyll.
The tree has less water.
The tree has no leaves.
The trees is growing quickly before the winter sets in.