Friday, 29 June 2012

Term Two Refection


In reading I have learn to show my work in different ways. I noticed that sometimes when I do something fun I always rush to do that fun thing. I need to get better at reading because I want my parents to see that I can improve in my work.


I have learned that in my writing that I need to use different sentence beginnings. This term I did well at doing interesting and more paragraphs than last year.I am not so good at using my punctuation because sometimes I put them in wrong places.Next term I need to improve my punctuation.


I learnt different strategy like decades,tidy tens,comparisons.I have done well in tidy tens and answering my questions well. This term I rushed my work on my book.I need to do my work tidier and cleaner.


I learn how to put my movie onto my blog.To complete my work.I did not so well finding my music in my movie.Next term I need to improve my drawing because it is not so good.

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