Friday, 28 June 2013


Dynamo the amazing magician. He is so amazing. He can walk on water. If you want to  know more watch T.V. One on Tuesday 8.30. BYE!!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Being A Big Sister!!

Being a Big sister is hard work just like being a mother. Because if they start school the other sister has to look after the little one. If you have a sister then you know what I mean or if your are a big sister. It hard work you know. But it is cool having sisters Me, I have two sisters named Marilyn the second one and Glennes the little one. Marilyn is 9 years of age and Glennes is 7 years. We some times fight but we always later get along with each other. Well that all!!

Here is me and my sisters. Me in the middle and Glennes in the front and Marilyn at the back with the yellow clip on her hair.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Xtra Math Result.

OMG!! Only for one week and I am in division. Yeah!! I am so happy.

Being At The Fabulous Fancy Langham Hotel.

Being at the hotel was amazing because it was so special for us. I loved it, it was really fancy and pretty. I loved the brownies we ate and the robots we played on. It was cool playing with the robots. We had to use the controls to control them. Then we got served morning tea. What I had first was brownies. The were so nice but not the dehydrated pear on top. It kind of ruined the brownie. But so far it was amazing being at that fancy hotel. The thing that made it fancy was because of it toilet cause when we went inside of the toilet we saw this massive mirror in the wall of the toilet but that wasn't just it, it was also about the taps, the fancy towel that we had to dry our hands with, and our toilet doors. They were really amazing doors . It was amazing being their at the Langham hotel.

Here is a picture of the ambassador's and also me at the Langham hotel.  

  Me eating the brownie and watching Jordan and Iisa playing with the robots. 

 Me and Josephine and Sela sitting on the fancy chair. 

Monday, 24 June 2013

X Factor.

Go Cassie and Jackie Thomas and Anna Wilson. I like them because they have really nice voices. From X Factor.


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Red And Yellow Chart.

Today we were doing a chart to see how many counters from the connect four were in the bag Mr Marks was  holding. We knew there were five in the bag but we didn't know how many of each.So we record what Mr Marks was pulling out each time. 

This is the pie chart of our results from the 50 draws. We predicted that there were 3 Yellow and 2 Red counters in the bag and we were 70 pa cent certain. We were right.

Little Mix

Little Mix - Wings

Here is another of my favourite song.

Little Mix Change your Life!!

This is my favourite song I hope you enjoy.

My Favourite Teacher Came Back !!!!

Yes!! Today my teacher, my favourite teacher is back yes. It was really sad what happen in his family. I hope they are strong and still having that person in their mind. But I am so excited that my teacher came back.

 Just Kidding!!! Down Here!!

 There is my favourite teacher!!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Procedural Writing. How to score a try.

How to score a try.                                          
  1. Call for the ball.                              
  2. Put your Target out.
  3. Get ready to catch.
  4. Catch the rugby ball.
  5. Run straight.
  6. Go to the try line.
  7. And put the ball down.

My Friend!!

Today for writing I am sharing my work with my friend my very good friend Ana. She is amazing.

Procedural Writing with Ana.

Title: How to Stand on a Chair

List of Material.
  1. A Chair.
  2. A person.
 3. A leg.
 4. Ground.
  5. Brain.

1st: Grab a chair and put it in the right position.
2nd: Choose a side of the chair to stand on and stand on it.
3rd: Choose a hand to put on the chair to keep your balance.
4th: Lift up your arm and put it onto the side of the chair.
5th: Choose a leg to put onto the chair.
6th: Put all your weight onto the other leg.
7th: Lift up your leg.
8th: Put your leg onto the chair.
9th: Put all your weight onto the chair.
10th: Lift up your other leg.
11: Put your leg onto the chair.
12: Get your balance good.
13: Stand up a little bit more.
14: Take your hand off the side of the chair.
15: Stand up properly.

Written by Ana and edited by Quasia

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Having a new kid.

Having a new kid in my class is cool. And different. It is a boy named Hala. I can tell he is very shy but I don't know. Everyone wants to say welcome and I hope you have fun.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My Xtra Math

I am on time tabels. Yes!!!! I am not lying. I am so happy happy.

My Xtra Math

This is a picture of my Xtra Math. I hope you can beat that? Next time when I publish I will show a big different. It was today!!

My Presentation.

Here is a presentation about having maori with Whaere Rawyen.
I hope you enjoy.

Me and Emmy's reading DLO.

Here is a Video me and my friend Emmy did for our reading DLO. I hope you enjoy and learn a lot. And also thank you to Sela for editing a bit of our movie too.

iMac Computers at School.

Having iMac computers at school is a lot more easier to learn and a lot more funnier.  It is really awesome!!!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Being An Ambassador!!!

Being an ambassador is amazing because you get to go different places and you get to talk to different and amazing famous people. Because you never know if they are famous. Did you know that we meet some people last week from the labour. GO LABOUR!!! That why being an ambassador is cool. I am not an ambassador for anything but I am an ambassador for my school Pt England for 2013.

Monday, 10 June 2013

The New Update about me.

Well one thing I am still 10 years old.
I still love netball and ballet.
I got netball tomorrow at 4.15 at the AMI courts.
I have amazing friends.
I am in room 16 with a amazing teacher named Mr Somerville.
Well cannot wait to upload my new update about me again.


My Patton For Ballet!!

I Love Ballet I don't know why but I do.
I love it because of what you where but not only that is that you get show yourself and it graceful.
That's why I have a Patton for Ballet.
Also did you kno that Ballet is not only for girls but for boys too.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Go New South Whales

Go the New South Wales.
Why don't you go for them too.
I do.
My family is New South Wales All Day Long!!

Jack The Explore Part 1

Once there was a man named Jack who was an explore. He came to a place named Antarctica. “You know where antarctica is don’t you”? When he got there he started his work which was to explore and discover the nature that happens there. He loved exploring and discovering new things that’s how he chose to be a wonderful explore.

The first thing that came to his mind was to learn first about the animals that lives there. He was a big animal fan. Wherever he goes that thought comes up “Lets find out all about animals,animals,animals,animals” wherever he is.

Then he started. When he was walking he saw two penguins come up to him. He was so excited because it was his first time that he ever saw a penguin close up. Because usually he only sees them on T.V. While the penguin was still coming I saw under on of the penguins flippers a little baby penguin.  

I rush my hand into my pocket and got my camera to take a photo. As I was still reaching my hand inside to try to find my camera suddenly a leopard seal jump up from nowhere and stole both penguin even the little baby one. Jack didn’t see the leopard seal because he was so focused on finding his camera. When he found it he saw that the baby penguin was about to be eaten.

Then he found a ice cube next feet about the size of the baby penguin. Then he got it and quickly throughed it to the leopard seals. Then to be continued..................................