Wednesday, 27 June 2012

PES Gallery Of Fine Arts

I was so thrilled that we went to our School Art Gallery. We saw heaps of cool art and I was so surprised when I saw my art. It was dazzling from from the roof of the stage in the hall.

I saw lots of paintings that it took me like 3 minutes just to look at amazing artwork. There were so many that I couldn't find my sister’s . It felt like going to the new Art Gallery in Town. The Arts are so cool that people come and buy it.

I saw Art from little kids like Room 6 and Room 5 and more. Also our next door neighbor Room 15 and many more the whole school. I saw some Celebrities in their paintings and arts.

My favourite Art is Room 10 because it was sparkly and it was perfect were it was and stand out awesomely and my other one is my younger sister Glennes in Room 6. It was the best because it was cool and not just cool but it showed that they did hard work to that and all the other painting but this is my favourite thing.

I would love you to visit our school Art Gallery in the hall, I hope you will enjoy it.

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