Saturday, 9 June 2012

Mothers Day

Yesterday morning it was mothers day. We celebrated all the mothers in New Zealand it was lots of fun. At my church that one place where we celebrated mother’s day. Me and my friends had a performance for all mothers.

It made them cry ever single mother. Then when church was finished we went home and celebrated again. We went outside well my dad and uncle were doing the  Babaq. Sunday we had lots of fun and the food was nice, well my mum and aunty were cooking inside making salads and getting meat ready to go on the bbq.

Then we had a rest  and when we waked up my dad went to bye a big cake and a block of ice-cream he took a long time just to get all that. When he came back  we were busting to eat the delicious cake.

As soon as we finish we ran to the front and jumped on the couch and watched T.V. 2 hours later my mum and dad went somewhere then my cousin and  sister ran to the kitchen and open the fridge and ate the the rest of the cake. Luckily the day was finally over.

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