Friday, 28 September 2012

Finding Fractions From Objects

I am showing you how to show how to half your problem.

Dan's Days Sunday 11 1/2

   This time Dan’s mom is finding a job and Cass finally talked to Dan and wanted him and his band to perform at her birthday party next week. Stavros also wanted him and his band to perform at his gym club too.

My Narrative

Once upon time there were two girls named Josephine and Thea playing on the Point England Beach with sand trying to make a castle. They got bored and sore all the other kids in the water having fun,so they asked themselves “Should we go in the water and play or just stay and try to make a castle?”.

While Josephine was still asking herself Thea just ran with happiness in the water. She ran and splashed in and started to have lots of fun. Then Josephine saw her running in and thought that she was not listening to her. So she did the same.

While they were having fun they saw something blue moving in the water they thought it was just a blue shirt but then they moved closer and saw it was a SHARK!! So Theia and Josephine tried to swim fast as they could so they cannot get bitten.

Theia finally got out of the water and on the sand but she was worried, because Josephine was still in the water. But it was a relief because Thea was about to shout for help but then Josephine came out of the water just in time.  
Then they got changed and went home and on there way home they had some ice-cream. Then they were happy and never ever came back to Point England Beach.   


Friday, 21 September 2012

Channing Mixed number into Improper Fractions

This is a drawing about how to change mixed number into improper fractions.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Changing Mixed Numbers into Improper Fractions

My old and new teachers.




These are my old teacher and this is my new one. They have been cool and fun.

Big Blue Whale

The living animal and the biggest and largest animal in the world is the Blue Whale. Dinosaurs were larger than the blue whale but then they died a long time ago. 

Blue whales are the largest animal that happen to live in the sea. A Whale is not a fish because it mother gives milk to it baby calf.

Most whales like the blue whale measures 20 meters but others happen to grow 30 meters. The blue whale weighs 250 tonnes!! It is even heavier than a barge!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Making fractions in the same kind

This showing you some fractions.

Dan's Days Age 11 and a half

Fraction experiment with play dough.

Today when we entered our class,the first thing Miss Ouano said was, “Go and wash your hands”. I knew we were doing something cool. Then we lined up and listened and waited to wash our hands.

When we finished we sat down and saw that we were going to things with play dough. Then Miss Ouano started to roll the play dough up into balls and started to hand it out.

While she was handing it out she told us to roll it into a eel. After we did that she told us questions of fractions. We did it and we also learned fractions but in a fun way.

Next time if you want to learn fractions in a fun way this is one of the way.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Paralympics Report

There were two tandem cyclists that won gold medals and standed on the highest podium. They are called Philippa Gray and Laura Thompson.  Their disability is that they are vision impaired.  

So far New Zealand is coming 14th and has 11 medals altogether 4 golds,3 silver,4 bronze.  Soon I know that New Zealand will come 1st or 2nd or 3rd. I am so proud that New zealand doing their best. Even if they are 14th.

Ordering Fraction

This is how to order fractions.