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Fractions to Percent

This is a presentation that shows you how to turn fractions into percent.


This is a presentation about Amphibians and how they adapt to their environment. Please leave feedback to let me know what you think.

My First Pay Packet.

This is a presentation about my reading task which is called My First Pay-packet. Please leave feedback to let me know what you think.

Beginning Sentence Correction 1

Beginning Sentence Correction 1

Directions: Correct the errors in the following sentences. Be sure to rewrite the sentence just like the example.

Example: I are very happy.  
I am very happy.

1. Candy taste sweet.  
Candy tastes sweet.  

2. I gonna get a new cat.
   I’m gonna get a new cat.

3. she like dogs.  are u sure
   She likes dogs. Are u sure?

4. Me favorite color is red.  
  My favorite color is red.  

5. I  happy now.  
  I’m happy now.  

6. What time it is?  
   What time is it?  

7.  My head hurt.
   My head hurts.

8. When we gonna eat?
   When are we gonna eat?

9. He don’t like vegetables.
   He doesn't like vegetables.

10. Me favorite color are blue.
     My favorite color is blue.

11. she does her homework every night.
    She does her homework every night.

12. I leaving now.  
I’m leaving now.

13.  I go now.
      I’m going now.

14. I want three egg.
     I want three eggs.

15. We are learning english.
     We are learning english.

16. I have too cats
    I have two cats

17. You chair is red.
     Your chair is red.
18. I no have time.
   I have no time.

Pourquoi Tale.

Why does a Butterfly have nothing to do with butter?

Begins with an egg.
Underneath the shell is a caterpillar.
Teeth to chew through and come out of a shell.
Trying to eat a lot of plant.
Each time it grows it sheds it’s skin.
Reaches a spot on a plant to make a chrysalis.
Forms wings and antennae
Leaves the chrysalis as a butterfly
Young caterpillar is gone now it is a butterfly.


One lovely day a butterfly was flying elegantly around a local farm. That butterfly would always get anilled (Animal Bullying). He would get asked from animals excipally animals who produced butter, why are you called Butter fly when you have nothing to do with butter?

The poor butterfly would always wonder why? One day a bee came flying by and told that butterfly that the reason its name is butterfly was because back back back flyes swam in a lake of butter. One fly drowned and then appeared up as a beautiful fly with big wings. That day everyone called that a butterfly. Now flyes swim in the lake of butter to become a butterfly.

Something Special.

Title- Going to Wellington
Audience- Ambassadors

In 2013 I was so lucky to be one of our school Ambassadors. Ambassadors are people who represent a current thing or place. And being one of them was amazing. We spoke to many important and wonderful people. For example we spoke to....
-Mr John Key  (Prime Minister of NZ)
-Minister of Education
-Alfred Ngaro
-I.R.D. (Inland Revenue Development)   

After all our hard work. One of the visitors we spoke to really enjoyed us so she decided to pay our tickets to Wellington. When we went to wellington we got to speak to the I.R.D.

Go onto my the tab above that says Ambassador 2013 for more imformations.

Persuasive Writing.

I believe that Pt England Year 8 students should attend Tamaki College. Tamaki College is a superior college. It’s close therefore it save you time and petrol, because these days petrol is starting to get really expensive. Tamaki College has improved NCEA results.Their teachers are very inspirational too.

If you are a pupil who wants to attend High School with your netbooks I recommend that Tamaki College is the option for you, as it is part of the Manaiakalani Cluster who uses netbooks (Digital Learning) for you to use instead of paper and pencil. The uniform is beautiful and I'll sure I will look fancy in that, (also you too)!

Second reason, they are so kind we even go over  on Tuesdays and also Thursdays for Technology. There are four classes we attend at tech (Short for Technology) there is Music, Hard Materials, Cooking and also Graphics. They can provide a great education for you and also can create memories of a lifetime. Do you think any other schools can give all of this to you?


It’s hard to argue with Tamaki College, because they are just the best of the best. That’s why T.C. (Tamaki College) is the one for me and you! So enrol now for Tamaki College.  

Recount - Grandpa Coming over.

Waking up with excitement I knew today was the day! My Grandpa is coming from Australia. He is only staying here for about a week or two. Suddenly goosebumps started to appear slowly down my arms..
I jumped out of bed and quickly got ready as my family and I were making our way over to my aunt’s house.
Once we arrived there I quickly got out of the car to spread the word to my cousin’s. After a while I heard he is arriving tonight.
I was then filled with disappointment knowing it’s going to be hours and hours until he comes. It was finally time, so my aunty and uncle went to the Auckland Airport to collect him..

Watching T.V. to keep me awake I smelled something..... it was my Grandpa’s favorite all time gel. Then I knew he was here. I quickly ran out like the wind and once I was out I saw him still coming out so there was my chance. I then wrapped my arms around him. It’s been about 1-2 years since I have seen him. I saw he had a big bag in his left hand. I thought “Yes we got presents”. After he was seated down he open his bags and I noticed he has a gift. It wasn’t for me,my sisters or my cousins. But for my Dad. My dad got brand new shoes (Sneakers the colour Black and white) and also a LG touch screen mobile phone.... (“With a front camera!”) My dad was so lucky.

Having my Grandpa back here in New Zealand with his family was the best thing. I made the best of my ability to spend every time with him before he went back.  

Article - Letter from the Bully!

Living a life experiencing bullying became an everyday routine to person named Chad Michael Morissette. Back in the day when he attended Junior High, he became a victim of bullying. About 5-7 boys from the school football team would torment him each day for the the whole school year.

He says the reasons why this took action was because he has same gender love relationship and also because he was small and bullied for all possible reasons. Now at the age of 34 he has moved on from that horrible nightmare.

Having been bullied in the past really affected his life in a way that he had all this but not just him but also one of the bullies. 20 years after from being a part of bullying he had stopped thinking about it.   
Scrolling through facebook one day a notification popped up. He received a message, it said something like this......

Hey Chad,
I was recently talking with my 10 year old daughter about bullies. She asked me if I ever bullied anyone and sadly I had to say yes. What came to mind was how mean I was to you when we were in Jr. High. I want to apologise. If we lived in the same state I would apologise face to face. I don’t know if you remember, but I do and i’m sorry.
- Bully

Chad found the message touching and moving. It brought up a subject he has thought of in quit a long time. He accepted the apology saying something like this...

Thank you for your apology. I was quite moved by it, it even brang tears to my eyes knowing that you really don’t want to be part in the bullying scene anymore. Back when we were in Junior High out of all the other 5-7 boys you are the only one who apologised. It’s amazing what 20 years and children can do to us, no? I hope you can be an amazing role model to your daughter and when you see bullying you stand up to it. Have a great!
- Chad.

It goes to show that it is never too late to ask for forgiveness.

Time with Friends

! F R I E N D S !

When the clock struck 11.30am the whole senior block rushed there way quickly back to the street. Once we arrived there everyone was up on their feet ready for an adventure. We were going to do the amazing race@I could see the excitement in some people’s eyes. Others, well they had a mixture of emotions for e.g: nervousness.

As soon as we finished changing, we were back in class ready to know what groups we will be in. When I found out what group I was in I was more than just happy I was energised. I got put together with my best friend Lizara and also my fellow peers Jalen and Damien.  

Our first station was the Photo Booth where we had to dress up as funky as we wanted and then pose in front of the camera with specific poses.  The moral of that station for me was to be as creative you can be with whatever we had around us.... and also to test and exercise our posing skills.

The time I had with my group at the Photo Booth Station was amazing. Not only did we work fine together but we got to know each other more better.

In each stations we went to there was a time maximum and that time was only ten minutes. And because we only had ten minutes we had to rush to our stations because not only do we get points for the work we did but we also get arrival points.

Well, my group we all wanted to win because losing for us was not a good feeling. The feeling of losing is like... well for me it is indescribable. But no one likes losing. And because of these thoughts this is what motivated us to work better together.

Next we came to the Face Cookie station. My first impression of this station just by appearance was that we had to see who could eat the most cookies. But no! I was wrong. We had been given a cookie and when we were already we had to place the cookie on the top of our forehead. The aim of this game was to try and make the cookie got into your mouth without making it drop or using any body parts apart from your face.

I am not going to lie it was hard, so hard that I didn’t even get it once in my mouth. I got so frustrated that I wanted to give up. But if I gave up then I would have let my team down knowing that I could and can do better.

That experience was fun. It was fun because we played games and because I worked with my friends. Our relationship between each other grew stronger and I am happy that I got to share that experience with them.

Fair Chocolate

This presentation is about one of my reading task called Fair Chocolate. It explains about how chocolate is made what from. Please leave feedback to let me know what you think. Thank you!

Ryming Poems

This is a presentation about poems and what they mean. I hope you enjoy and please leave feedback to let me know what you think.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Fractions to Percent.

This is a presentation I completed during math time. I showed to make fractions into a percent. Please leave feedback to let me know. Thank you!