Monday, 26 August 2013

Cousin's Coming Over ( Farewell Aunty )

Last saturday my cousin's and their parents came over to my house from Napier and Levin. I was really shock when they came because it was a long time since I saw them. I love seeing my little ness her name is Precious and her brother witch is only three and his name is Tupu.

Not just them but more came my cousin's kids well my other cousin. My other cousin has three kids named Grace, P.J. and Tausanga.  Grace is 9 years old and P.J. is 8 and Tausanga only 6.

They came on saturday because that night my Aunty from Samoa is coming over to New Zealand because her sister died and the funeral is in Avondale.

Farewell Aunty!!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Happy Birthday Rosita

Today is one of my friends named Rosita's birthday. She is turning 11. Happy Birthday Rosita.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Reading Follow Up 2 The Tortoise and the ducks.

Title: The Tortoise and the ducks.

Author: Aesop

Characters Tortoise, Ducks.

Setting (Where is the story set. Describe the place in detail):
The story was first set on the land and then the air because the ducks was flying with the tortoise.

What was the problem?
The tortoise wanted to see the land but nobody will help him.

What was the solution?
Two ducks came along and asked if they can help then they fly with the tortoise and that was the solution.

What was the Moral of the Story?
Foolish and Vanity leads to Misfortune.

My favourite part of the story was?

When the foolish Tortoise died because he was so foolish.

Reading Follow Up 1 The Wolf in the sheep's clothing.

Title: The Wolf in the sheep's clothing.

Author:  Original Aesop ( Pie Corbett )


Setting (Where is the story set. Describe the place in detail):
The story was set on a cold day at the forest.

What was the problem?
The Wolf was hungry and found some sheep skin in the forest and dress up like a sheep and went to the flock and try to sneak and eat some sheep.

What was the solution?
The Wolf was the one that got selected to get eaten but the shepherd did not know it was a wolf. Shame on the wolf.

What was the Moral of the Story?
Do not be something you are not.

My favourite part of the story was?
My favourite part was when the wolf got snap and then got chosen to get eaten.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Reading Book at school.

Lately last week and this week we have been reading books from our school library. I have read a book named Rugby for Rosie by Frances Adlam and Illustrated by Jenny Cooper.  Here is a little summary about it. 

All Rosie wants to play rugby for the school team. She's good too. But there is one problem; Rosie is the only girl who wants to play, and mixed teams need three girls to qualify. In order to do what she loves best, she must persuade the pink-clad, doll-loving girls at her school that rugby is the game for them. 

Rosie is about to find out that sometimes it is very difficult to be an independent thinking sot of girl. 

Well that is one of the books that I have finished reading. Thanks!!!!

Friday, 16 August 2013

My Xtra Math Result

Today in between maths I went Xtra Math. And this is my result. Try and beat it.

Reading DLO Week 4

Here is our DLO. Hope you enjoy...

The Ugly Duckling.

Once upon a time there was a little duckling who thought to himself that he was the only duckling that was the colour black. Ducks and duckling keeps on walking past him and boiling him and also calling him names and making  him feel left out.

People you know that your friends doesn't have to be the same colour or different. Because your friends are your friends it doesn't matter what they look like because who cares what people say about you. Friends can come in all kind of sizes and colours but who care because they are your friends.

Okay let’s get back to the Black duckling. The black duckling was normally called and teased with the named Ugly Black duckling. One duckling was so popular at the ugly duckling’s school really felt sorry for him but was too scared to let it out because he was too scared that people might tease him too and he might not become popular anymore.

The ugly duckling would always go to school feeling the same and being ready for the same thing to happen again and again.  The ugly duckling said to himself this “ I am so different from everyone and I so don’t fit in this school”.

Everyday after school the ugly duckling would always go to the pond lonely and look at the reflection of him in the water and keep on saying to himself this  “ I am so different from everyone and I so don’t fit in this school and this world.”

The ugly duckling was so hurt really hurt. So he left his home, his family and every thing and went off somewhere where nobody anybody wouldn’t know.

He thought to himself I better run far away from himself but then he was stuck in a place and then as he was feeling and crying came an old duck from a tree not that far away.
He told that I use to feel like you when I was little bit the thing that help me overcome it was just counting to ten. The I said to myself I should go back and try what the old duck told me. Then the ugly duckling went and tried it and it help him and then he was left out any more.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Being Sick Yesterday.

Being sick yesterday is not the bet feeling to have on a school day. Yesterday I had that horrible feeling. My mum knew I was so sick that I couldn't go to school and even play netball game. I miss on heaps of things fun things yesterday. 

I so sick I didn't go to school. I stand home yesterday. I read some books I got from the library with my dad. 

So kids and people all over the world try to keep yourself safe and keep safe.  

Monday, 12 August 2013

John Key Visiting Pt England.

Last Friday all the ambassadors were going to talk to John Key. It was a cool time talking to John Key and introducing him to our school rolls and how we learn.

Everyone was excited and so was I. It was also my first time meeting him in real life. I took pictures of him and I printed it and then after that I took in front of Mr Key to let him sign it.

Before all of that all the ambassadors had to meet at Mr Burts office to have a little talk or meeting. Then we got there and he told us that day that it was Mr Key’s birthday. Yeah his birthday.

When I heard that I was so shocked because it was his birthday and he got to visit our school as a birthday present. Then suddenly Mrs Burt said that after our introduction we have to sing the birthday song to him yeah the birthday song.

When that moment came I was super super excited. Hannah had to lead the song then we came along.

There were sercerties all over the place. The was the Minister of Education.
After that we got to go back to class.


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Making Desert with Paris For 300 People !!!


On a cold Friday night at sky city I was making desert with one of my friends named Paris from my school and we did not make the desert alone we made it with the chef who wanted me and Paris to help him his name was Paul Jobin

He told us the we were meant to make 500 but Paul was so kind he made 200 of them by himself earlier and left them in the refrigerated to keep them still. Before all of that he told us that we have to meet him at his restaurant first so he can tell us where we are going to go first. 

Me and my family came just in time Paris and his mum and aunty came out with Paul too.  Paul told me and Paris to come with him while our family's went with this lady to go have some dinner at this cool restaurant it was actually Paul restaurant called Re boo just across or next to the Sky Tower.

While they were having Dinner me and Paris were being taken around the place with Paul. He took us to some of his restaurants in the area and in the Sky Tower. He ask me and Paris if we were scared of heights and I said Yes!! He said " We are going to go up the Sky Tower and I am going to show you some of my restaurants". 

A saw were going up the Sky Tower we had to go in the elevator. There were like windows all over the elevator showing you how far you are going up. As we were in the elevator Paul told us that he had 70 or more. 

After all of that me and Paris went to the restaurant called Re Boo, the one our families went to have Dinner, and Paul asked us what we wanted to have. Paris said he would love a large Sea Food Pizza and I said I would love  a chicken burger with some fries.   

The Tortoise and the mean Rabbit.

“ Hi my name is Usain and I am a tortoise over 100 years old.” I am going to tell you about myself on a race with a mean Rabbit named Speedy yeah Speedy.”

“ I love to chew on yum juicy grass.” In fact one day I was chewing and munching on my yummy  juicy grass then along came a mean thinks he is all that Rabbit named Speedy. “You know why he is called that.”

Every time he comes past me and calls me names and tease me like a mean Rabbit. Cause he is one. On that day I was enjoying chewing and munching on my juicy and delicious grass then comes that Rabbit Speedy “ As I said he called me names like cabbage head because I have a green body like any tortoise and says I am old and that I am really slow and all I do is nod all day. “He knows he hasn't seen all of me yet!!

As he was calling me names along came one of my friends named Fox and said to Speedy this “ Did you know that Usain the tortoise and every tortoise all over the farm hibernates in winter” Fox said. Speedy replied with saying “ HIBER WHAT “ Speedy said.

Fox said “ Hibernate dum head”, do you even know what it means. Speedy said “ I don’t care but all I know is that he is so slow and I am the fastest animal on this farm yeah I am even faster than you “ Speedy said!!

As Fox and Speedy keeps on correcting each other Usain felt bored and didnt care of what they were saying that he went off somewhere else to enjoy his juicy grass.

Fox said to Speedy that he is going to do a race up the hill and back with the tortoise Usain. Speedy replied with assurance and said “ Do I need to say this again I am the fastest animal on this farm.”

That moment came and Tortoise came with Speedy ready for a race. Speedy came with a smile on his face. Fox standard in the middle and said the words like ( READY STEADY GO! ! ! ).

Then off went Speedy and Usain. Speedy raced up the hill and got a little bit tired and said “ There is a tree over there I can have a little nap and dream about my victory. When he was about to take his nap a had little look to see if Usain was up.

Then Speedy went fast to have a nap and dream about victory. As he was still dreaming Usain caught up to Speedy and made it to the finish line people started to cheer.

As they were cheering all the noise made Speedy wake up and then Speedy ran fast as all the way to the finish line and then he saw that Usain was already finished.

Then Speedy was a shamed and came last. He felt so ashamed.  That how me Usain Yeah that how I won! ! ! !

Immersion Assembly.

Holiday Immersion assembly was cool. Team 1 and the way up to 5 had a performance. My favourite one was Team 3 and 4.

What I liked about team 3 was it was really funny and it was a show you would love to watch. People that were in there performance was my second youngest sister Marilyn with her friend Ariana and one of my friend Ana.

Also what I liked about team 4 was that my teacher Mr Somerville was part of it too. There one was about the story three little pigs. It was also funny too. Mr Marks was the wolf and every time one little pig came out Mr Marks the wolf got fatter and fatter.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Life Education

What is a friend?

- I think a friend is a person you can trust that you can share things.
- It is that has there back for you.
- It is also like a sister or a brother because you will always know that they are there if you need t talk to someone about anything.

What make a good friend?

- A good friend is a person that takes care of you.
- They can show that they have you some where special in there hearts.
- They can respect you , care for you and do all the best for you.

Why are friends important?

- Cause if it is really your friend then you will never have that feeling to not be friends with them any more.

Happy Birthday Sheena ( Cousin )

I just want to say to my cousin Sheena Happy Birthday. I love her and wish all the best for her God Bless you Cousin and I love you.  She is turning 8 year old.
 Here is Sheena. 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Holiday Story

In the holidays I was so lucky that I went to Sky City. I was cooking with a familiar famous chef named Sean Conolly. As I was entering his restaurant I saw a film crew. This lady named Emily was one of the people that organised the whole thing.

Then we got started. The director came and told me that I had to walk in and go into Sean's restaurant and just ignore the camera and just walk in normally. Then I listened to what he said and I did it. As I was walking I felt my nerves started to shake inside of my body.

Then when I got up to Sean he started to introduce himself to me and I was just going with the flow because I did not know what to say. Then the director said to me that I do it again but I had to introduce myself to him just for a short but of time. Then I started again as I was walking in my nerves were okay but then when my nerves just went I heard my sisters and my mum and dad having little bit of a laugh because the were so happy for me.

Then that's the moment my nerves came back. Then when I started to fell my nerves shaking again like earlier I thought of that word that the director told me was IGNORE then by seconds it started to go away. Then I entered Sean's restaurant with a big smile on my face.

Then I went up to Sean and he shook my hand and again he introduce himself to me then I felt convinced and then after himself introduce himself to me then I started my turn then I was done. I told myself in my mind that it was really easy after all. Then he told me that we were going to make a meal or a dish called Spaghetti and Bolognese. I knew I was going to have fun.

First he got out all of the ingredient that we needed and he told me by steps what to do. There was onions, carrot, garlic and a little bit of herbs to give it that smell.

TO BE CONTINUED..............................