Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Partly Cloudy

We watched a  film called  Partly Cloudy. The producers is a part of a company called Pixar. In the short film there are characters the main ones are Gus a cloud and Peck are stork.  During the film there were different kind of side because the clouds create babies of each kind.

The main thing that happened was that there were opposite kind of clouds that makes the same thing but with a different kind of attitude once again opposite kind of attitude.Like if the bad cloud made a baby it attitude will be bad and if the good cloud made a baby it will be a good baby with a good attitude.

The main thing in the short film was that friendship is important and it can not be apart. Like if you have a bestfriend that you can trust and you just do nothing about it try and the same thing to that person cause you are there best friend.

I  recommend this movie because it shows that a true friendship is important.

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  1. I .loved your story because the way you used great volcabulary. I really enjoyed reading it.