Friday, 24 April 2015

Zeal Zone - Timeline

This week in zeal zone we were given a date from the timeline of World War 1. Then we had to find five facts and images about that day to show you all. Our group got 3rd of February of 1915, that was the day when the NZ soldiers first saw combat. They were the Suez Canal from the Ottoman Empire who were trying to destroy it. This image thatt shows the fact that we have researched and put together for you. We hope you enjoy! By: JordenneAnaHannah

Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Anzac Button.

This presentation is about the story of the Anzac Button. I hope you enjoy and please leave feedback to let me know. Thank You!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Our Memorial.

This explains my thoughts and feelings toward the Anzac. 

Monday, 20 April 2015

My Home Class Beautiful Teacher!

My Teacher for this year is Mrs Moala. She is amazing and American. She has a wonderful personality. She is so cool. Having her here is a blessing. I know this year is going to be a delight.

Immersion Assembly.

Today we are back at school. Yeah! This term (Term 2) our topic is Tinkering Toys and Tools. My understanding of our topic is Technology. In Immersion Assembly today it was tasty.

Instead of handing out Principal stickers to kids who sit up they got treat pike-lets and smaus. It was delicious but unfortunately I didn't get one. Team 1 topic was Healthy Food. Team 2 topic was making there space beautiful also team 3's was what to play with on a rainy day. And two lucky last was team 4 and 5.

Team 4's topic was also like team 3's was what to play with on a rainy day. And my team, team 5's topic was Anzac and World War 1. I am so excited for this term. I know for sure that this term is going to be an adventure.