Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Quasia Andy Warhol Biography.

Andy Warhol was an American artist. He was known for his creative and colourful pop art prints. Some examples of his famous art include: Marilyn 1967 and Mao 1972.

Andy Warhol was born in 1928 at Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania, USA. His parent were from Slovakia. Well Andy was a child he had a disease called Chorea and was very sick. His mum helped him in his art when he was a little boy his mum use to give him a colouring book and after he finished a page he will get a treat like a little chocolate bar.

Andy went to a High School named Schenley.People think of andy a  quiet, and shockingly pale skin and white-blonde hair.  He loved to collect and make a collection of celebrities autographed photos.One of his school he went to is called Carnegie High School of  Institute Technology.

In 1960 Warhol begin to start a painting that people know about it called Pop Art. In his cool art he use to draw Supermarket Products like Campbell Tomato Soup and Coca Cola Bottles and more and he also used Celebrity's. He first did his art in his Studio called the Factory and heaps of people use to come to his Factory like People that were in movies with him and also other Artist and writers and also some famous cool Celebrities.

Andy Warhol is a interesting man and has a interesting life. If you want to know more you should look here this is the right place to be and know more about him and more also about his life.

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