Monday, 28 January 2013

Today's My 10th Birthday

Today I am turning 10 and I am having fun even dough on my birthday is a holiday. But all I am doing is getting wet with my dad and my sisters with the hose. It was AWESOME!!! This is sad and also excited because this is my last year in primary that is the sad bit but the excited bit is that I am going to go to intermediate NEXT YEAR!!!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Mum's Birthday Dinner

Today is my mum's Birthday and she made a special dinner and called it my birthday stir fry delight as you can see in the picture she add corn. As we ate it for dinner it was beautiful and delicious. It was so nice. Happy Birthday Mum. Her birthday was on 22th of January.

Monday, 21 January 2013

More about me!!

My name is Quasia.
I am 9 turning 10.
I have 3 best friends.
I like chocolate.
I have 2 parents and 3 sisters plus me.

Have a nice day but that's all Thanks.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Today's Hill Crash.

Today in the morning me and my sisters and my cousin and my dad went for a ride to the park well my dad was walking. We had an amazing walk but when we were walking back home something happened. As we were cming we went through the short cut. When we were going we went by the lake. Well we were ridding their was like a hill a big one that goes up.

 Then my little sister wanted to go on it then she went as she was going there were two paths one to go to the right and one to go to the left. We were told by my dad that we had to go to the left so we all went carefully down the hill. But my sister she wanted to ride down the hill so she did. While she was coming down she wanted to turn but she couldn't because she was going to fast the she fall in the lake but at the end where there was no water.

 Then she started crying then my dad rushed down to see if she was OK and if she was still alive.  But she was still alive and have little cuts but she OK. She was really lucky. So if you are going for a ride on your bike or a scooter and there is a hill I tell to get of it and walk it down so you don't have to be I the same situation. Be safe during the Holidays Kids.

Welcome Back!!

Welcome back to New Zealand Josephine!! We have been missing you. We are so happy that you are not hurted from the cyclone. I cannot wait to see you again. In school time.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Years!!

Hi everyone you all must know that today is the second of January 2013 and all I want to say to you all  teachers and  kids and also every one around the world is that Happy New Year!! Have a safe day and God Bless!!