Wednesday, 31 October 2012

My Best Friends in 2012

They are cool and they are really fun to play with. There awesome that why they are my best friend.

Front and Back Cover

Friday, 19 October 2012

Super Toy Maker

The story's main point is about making toys with new technology. It about a bunched of kids making toys for there puppet show and they a super toy makers and they are only year 3.

My Friend Nikki birthday

Today is a very, very  Happy Birthday!  She's Turning 10. She is my friend Nikki.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My Narrative

Once upon a time a girl named Stella Thompson went to the shops to buy some milk for her and her mum. She walked all the way from home to the shops. It was pretty far.

Stella felt her stomach grumbling. She was so hungry 
because she has not ate anything for 2 hours that instead of buying a milk she brought chips,and wasted her hole money. Then she walked home and thought about how angry her mum will be.

She finally got home “Where’s the milk” asked her mum. Stella saw the look on her mum’s face and ran out of the house. She soon got so worried  that she was crazy. She was running around asking people for money.

Stella was so tired and that she went home and told the truth and her mum understood her because she has not ate anything for 2 hours. But her mum was happy that  she told her the truth. Then they lived happily ever after and had a happy family.


Mr Potato Head

Did you know that today is Mr Potato Head's Birthday? You might know hem because he has been on Toy Story. Happy Birthday Mr Potato Head!! <3

Monday, 15 October 2012

Pitch Perfect The Movie

The first week of the holidays on Thursday me and my family went to the movies to watch Pitch Perfect. The movie was amazing and so nice to watch. It was cool that they were showing how to use music with your mouth. If you had already watched it you know what I mean.

When we got there we bought Ice-cream and popcorn and a water bottle of water. We got in the theater and they already showed the adds. As soon as we were about to sit in our chairs we heard the movie start, so we just ran and sat in any chair and enjoyed it.

My favourite part was when they showed how cool they are and started to show their might. They were rocking the house, and also the main character was Beka she was an amazing actress.

If you go to see a movie you should watch Pitch Perfect.