Friday, 27 April 2012

We are learning to create hyperlinks.

Here is a link to our Class Site.

Here is a link to Math Whizz.

Here is a link to our School.

This is my flower that I drawer in Andy Worhol's way.We are learning about Andy Worhol we know that he is a popular Artist.

And this is a Nike Tick that I also draw.It was what I wanted to draw.

Holiday Highlight

After the last day of school it was the school holidays for all students. It was fun for them that they don’t need to wake up early and dress in  their uniform.

In the beginning of the holiday my whole family from my dad side had a reunion. Part of them came from Samoa and Wellington well most of them were from Auckland .

It was fun meeting some new people that  was part of my family.But one person that I haven’t seen or touched in real life was my great great Grandfather named Tusani Mafua.That was my nana’s father.

We  had old pictures of hem.  My aunty took that picture and print it and made it into a T-Shirt.  All of us had one even the little cute babies.

All the people of the family had somthing that represent them like a picture that I just said and some other things like a T-Shirt that doesn't have a picture but says 2sani Nek Minit Rain’s you get it!!!!2sani is my grandfather name spell different like this TUSANI!!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

M kiwi Presentation

Here is my work that i really worked hard on hope you all like it! also i hope you learn something from it too!