Thursday, 27 November 2014

Lydia Ko (Weekly Quiz)

Lydia Ko if you don't know her she is a New Zealand Professional Golfer. Born in 1997 on the 24th of April. She has been in the top ranked women amateur golfer in the world for 130 weeks.

At a young age she has progress a lot. Well done Lydia for making our country proud!

Phillip Hughes

I would like to say a big Sorry to the family and friends of Phillip Hughes. He was an amazing cricket player. It was such a tragedy they way he past away. Phillip we are going to miss you!

Math DLO

Friday, 21 November 2014

Thursday, 13 November 2014

X-Factor Winner (Marlisa)

One T.V. there is a program called X-Factor! There was 1,000 and more people who audition but only 23 or more made it! Well she made it all the way with her mentor Ronan Keating! She made it in the top 2 with Dean Ray! And guess what she won? Lately her new album came out named Stand By You! Check it out and great job Marlisa.  And guess what she is only 15 years of age!

Manaiakalani Film Festival!

Today was our 7th Manaiakalani Film Festival. We got to see amazing video that were displayed in Hoyts Sylvia Park! Some were made by Somerville Special School, Tamaki Primary and more. Did you know that my class (Class 4) entered and also our movie we produced was also displayed on the big screen in the theater. It was really fun! One very very very very excited thing was my little sister got to be one of the movie presenters! At the Film Festival was really amazing cannot wait until next time. Look at one of the movies that was displayed in the big screens too but in 2010.
Can you spot me in it!   HERE!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My Perspective Drawing!

Empathy Explanation

“Empathy” is a word that people hardly hear these days. But do you know what the true meaning behind empathy is? From my point of view it means understanding their emotions and what they are going through and also putting yourself in their shoes.

My Book review!

Book Title: Space Dog and Roy
Author: Natalie Stanford
Reviewer: Quasia Class 4
Grand total of books read this year: 4-5
Book Genre: (Highlight)

  • Science fiction
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Mystery
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Series
  • Fantasy
  • Other (state)

  • Biographies/Autobiographies
  • Historical
  • Instructional
  • Other (state)
Insert photo of book cover here:

Reading Level:
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Advanced
(Leave how many stars you rate it.)
What would you do if a spaceship landed in your garden and a dog got out? Roy has always wanted a dog but he didn't bargain on getting an alien hound!

'Hey', said Mr Barnes. 'Maybe I'm not allergic to this dog!'

My Presentation about Dagmar Dyck!

Hi this is a presentation about a artist Dagmar Dyck!

Monday, 3 November 2014

Colour Wheel!

This is a picture that explains the colour wheel. I hope you learn a lot and please leave feedback of what you think! 

Weekly Quiz (MKR Winners Neena and Bilinda)

Do you love food? Well I do! Well a food competition named My Kitchen Rules just finished there grand final. Winners were announced Nina and Belinda.

They cooked through out the competition with passion and confidence. They made an amazing effort with their food.

But Aaron and Heather that came second place really deserved to come 1st. But Aaron and Heather got a very good deed and they get to work in Ben's restaurant teaching the chiefs how to cook pacific foods.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

S.T.A.B (Standing together against bullying) Event.

Yesterday at 3pm at the Papatoetoe  leisure centre our church youth group had a event called the S.T.A.B. Event which stand for (Standing together against bullying). Their were "FREE" Candy Floss, Popcorn and Decorate your own cupcake stand all for the kids outside.

Well in side where the event is held there were performances by our own youth group with a skit and also doing a skit which was another group of the church Pre-teen. A for the special ones Otahuhu College dance crew came and also another school which I forget the name. It was packed but the message for bullying was very strong and powerful which stood out there.
It was a blast there. Thanks!

Trip to the museum.

First day back to school from the long weekends the day started with a trip to the museum. As our school term topic which is art attack we were discovering different art and ways and things to make art.

When we arrived their after a while we got handed work sheets that had some tasks on for us to do. It was very interesting looking and discovering different types of art and ways to make art. I am not one of those people out there that are really good at art or love art but the trip to the Museum taught me a lot.