Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Today Is My Birthday

As you know this day is the 28th of January and that is the day I was delivered to this world. I am now 11 years of age. Going to intermediate this year. Thank you God for these many years you have put into my life. Thank You!!

P.S. I decorated my own cake while my mum baked it.


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Happy Birthday Mum!!

Today is my mum's birthday. Turning 45 years of age. Manuia Lo Aso Fanau Famanuia lea atua ya te oe. Love you mum always.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Playing Video Games with my cousin's.

Today I am over at my cousin's house. And a good way to enjoy your time in the holidays with your cousin's are playing video games. Well sometimes. I am playing Black Cops Zombies and other games but I don't know what it is called but it includes fighting and racing. Well one thing holiday are FUN after all in my point of view.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Happy Birthday Sister Glennes

Happy birthday Glennes. Today we are celebrating her birthday at Mac Donald's. I love you and I wish you the best on your 8th Birthday. Manuia lo aso fanau. May God Bless you more and more. Dream big and I will as have you in my heart little sister.

Glennes is the one that is down bottom!! 

Holiday Journal

Day 1:
On the first day of the holiday of 2013 at 12.30 pm me and my sister Marilyn went with my friends to the pools because it was like a friend or girls day out. Tonight I am watching X Factor and I hope that Alex and Sierra wins!!!!

Day 2:
Today was a big day. It was very busy. My mum and dad were shopping for things they are going to give to my grandparents because they are leaving New Zealand away to Australia to my Aunty. Today the 20/12/13 I felt really sick. I mean like vomiting and and sore stomach and headache. But then when I went to church I got a prayer from the pastor and the assistant and I was healed and blessed.

Day 3:
Today the 21/12/13 is another beautiful day. The sun is out and the birds are singing and my mum is going to a lady’s event or something at the Auckland garden. It was are very beautiful garden and while my mum is there me and my sisters and dad are here at my grandparents house. Enjoying the time with my cousins and grandparents. And right now at 1.35 pm I am watching the movie White House Down. Right now at this moment I am here with my family at my aunty’s house because we are going to have a BQQ.

Day 4:

Today the 22/12/13 is another day of enjoyment. I am sleeping over at my cousin’s place. It is going to be amazing. Again we went to my other Aunty, Aunty T. We are going to say there for fun just for a bit of time. Tonight is just normal sleep and movies!!

Day 5:

The 23/12/13, 2 days away from Christmas. I wonder what we are going to do for Christmas or on Christmas. I am waking up with my couzzies laughing about their older sisters. Today we had to wake up early because my grandparents are leaving to Aussie like I told you earlier. Me my sisters, Cousin everyone is going to miss them. Well since they are going today me and my sisters and my cousin Florence witch is the eldest grandchild in the family is lucky because we get to say our goodbyes at the airport not like some of my cousin because of transport we only have 2 cars and there are like 35 or more of us so my aunty T came over and said goodbye at the house and left with some of my couzies who couldn't come.

Day 6:

1 more day until Christmas. I cannot wait. I am already missing my grandparents. I beat they are eating Mango ( Australia Mango they tell me it’s the best ).

To Be Continued....................

Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Years To My Family In Aussie and In Samoa

Happy New years to all of you. I love you and miss you but I will still have you in my heart. So once again Happy New Years or Manuia Le Tausaga Fou!!!!! 

Farewell Mr Marks

Mr Marks we are going to miss you very much. This year goes so fast. But I know that family is your first priority and I respect that but I just want to say that we Pt England will always have you in our hearts. We are going to treasure the moments we had with you. It quit took me a while to get my tears empty but as I said I am going to miss you. I wish you the best again to your wife and kids. May Waikato be a blessing for your children's as they get raised up. I hope one day you can go back to the thoughts and the memories about us Pt England. Farewell Mr Marks !!!!