Monday, 25 June 2012

Youth Town

Last Week my class Room 14 went on a trip to Youthtown and were divided into groups and had heaps of fun. I hope we will come back one day. It was so fun that we got to swim in their swimming pool that how fun it was.

My group or should I say the group I was in was a amazing group to be in. We had treats, fun treats like joiners the lollie it was cool. We shared and we sticked together, well not in the pool. 

Our first activity was we had to make clay. Making clay was fun and sticky but when our instructors Georgia and Sue showed us all what to do it seemed easy but when we had to make it, it was pretty hard because we wanted it to be perfect.
After we did all the hard work we moved on to the easy bit. We went to put a little more decoration like putting shiny glass and made look fabulous and wonderful. Finally we went to the last thing to do was, we went to the edge of the table and stamped our name on the side of the clay.

I hope you go to Youth Town because it lots of fun and has cool things and they are really kind.

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