Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The DAY has come!

It is official, i am now 12 years of age. Waking up this morning I felt very excited. My mum and sisters and cousin prepared me a birthday breakfast. It was awesome! Hands and thumbs up for that!

After breakfast me and my sisters and cousin went out and played outside on the trampoline. And that's what I having been doing so far today.

Now that I am 12 I am so glad it's done and over with!

Friday, 23 January 2015

My Birthday!

In about 5 days the day will come when I turn 12! I am so excited and nervous. Because in school I am now a Year 8. Being a Year 8 you have to step up and take responsibility and also show a good role model or example for the juniors as the big brothers and sisters of the school.

Each year and time I turn older I feel nervous because when I turn older things don't usually stay the same for example: (different subjects maybe harder and obviously, maybe different class mates and etc). This year turning 12 the things I need to work on at school is, read more, practice homework at home and being more fit.

Well I just have to wait until the day comes!

Please leave your feedback and tell me what you feel like when you become older.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mum's Birthday!

Today is a special day in my life because it is someone special's birthday. And that person is my beautiful mother. I am very happy and blessed to have her in my life. Without her my life will fell empty. I want to say and dedicate this to my mother, Mum thank you for everything you have done and provided for me for 11 years going onto 12 and being there for me when I felt lonely and not well.

Happy birthday!