Wednesday, 17 August 2016

My Olympic Values poster!

Yesterday night my dad and I decided to make an Olympic poster for my Social studies class. It was so much fun especially when my dad makes Women Weekly Magazines. So we scrolled through and fun some pictures that we thought would represent the values of this year's Olympic in Rio. It is Respect, Friendship and Excellence. I can't believe my dad came up with that idea. But I was so thankful for my dad because everyone loved it when I showed them today in period 2. 
-Here it is below.....

My Sketch Note!!

In my Social studies class, we have recently been looking and studying about the Olympics. Last week one of our teachers suggested that we try something called Sketch note. Sketch note is an activity that represents what you are feeling, thinking and etc... And the way you display it is throughout hand drawings. So I did one myself.
As you can see I have love hearts which represents friendship. I also have medals on the top right-hand side and on the other side there is a test sheet and also beside the test sheet there is a thinking cloud which is supposed to be a vision of your future. If you look closely you can see a pathway across the whole page.
For me they represent excellence.
And the little star in between the love hearts represents the last value respect.
It was great and fun . I guarantee this is not going to be our last time using sketch note.  

Here is my sketch note below.....