Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Sina the Superwoman

This is a picture beside me is a rubric that is showing me and my friend Sela's Mark. Yellow is Sela and Blue is me!

Once upon a time there lived a family in a village. In the family they had a very clever girl named Sina and she had to little brothers named Joseph and Junior. They were really sneaky. They had very nice parents by the name of Mary and Sam.

The village they lived in was called The village of Moana. Moana was there Queen in that village. Sina’s parents were farmers well not actually. They didn't have animals like horses and that but they only had animals like pigs and Chicken. Mary and Sam was good at growing food. They would grow heaps and heaps of food for their family mostly corn.

But by the time Moana past away there food started to disappear it was no longer growing like it use to but instead of growing it was just disappearing. Sina and her brothers were really disappointed because how they didn't have enough food to eat. So Sina said to her brothers it is time for the Sina the superwoman to be the hero. That’s what Sina would always say if she had the disappointed feeling in her.

One night Sina went over to her friends house named Sala. She stayed over at Sala’s house for a night to practice for her school culture dance. After lots of practice Sala felt a little bit tried so she went to sleep. While Sina was left alone practising instead of practising she sneaked out through Sala’s window and waited and waited for something to happen to  Sala’s backyard.

Sala’s parents were also farmers and the same problem was happening to their food to. So as Sina waited and waited she started to fall asleep but then she heard a sound it came from the bush over there. So Sina slowly creped over and BOOM she scared the thing at the back of the bush and when she saw what it was, is was only Sina’s pig eating the corn that was growing.     

So Sina put her pig back into her parents farm. Then instead of going back to Sala’s house she went straight inside her house and enjoyed her beautiful sleep. Then when the day went past she woke up the next morning and told her parents what happen so her and her parents went spreading it to the whole village. Then that night the whole village came all together at Sina’s house and had a little party and celebration because Sina the superwoman saved the day.

The End!!

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  1. Hi Quasia, it was nice to meet you and the other ambassadors for the Point England School when you visited Inland Revenue this morning. I hope you had a great visit to Wellington. It was a shame that the weather was so windy and cold, but then we call it windy Wellington for a reason. I really enjoyed your story about Sina. When I lived in the Solomon Islands, lots of people used to have pigs in their backyards. Hope your flight back to Auckland was not too scary. All the best Michael Hewetson