Friday, 15 November 2013

Edited Writing Test.

“ My turn my turn mum !” Shouted Sandy and Annabel. Mum Replied “ Hold on girls let the little boys have a turn first .” But mum me and Sandy were waiting for long to feed the little lambs. The boys are going to take forever. 

As Sandy and Annabel were watching angrily at their brothers feeding the little lambs, they felt bored. Sandy suggested to Annabel that they should sneak away over to there friend Jessie’s place. 

But then the butterflies came into Annabel. Annabel is always sincerer that she couldn’t hide anything or lie. But on my other hand Sandy, she was good at those to things. You could count on her to keep a secret. 

So Sandy said “ Are you in Annabel !” Annabel said to her other sister Sandy with a worried voice “ Yeeeeeeeeeeessss.” Tires nearly came out of Annabel’s eyes. Because every time she would do something bad even though it wasn’t her idea she would get the blame.

 While Sandy is staring at her and having a laugh. So Sandy started tipi toeing to the path and then she ran. Her feet stared trampling and trampling, while Annabel is still coming. Annabel is covering her mouth so she doesn’t scream or anything then after tipi toeing she ran fast as she could over to Sandy witch was already at  Jessie’s place.

Sandy went to in front of Jessie door and as she was going to place her hand on the door to knock she saw a letter written by Jessie it goes like this, “ Hi we are not here we are of to somewhere amazing for a holiday YEAH we are of to Africa like I just said just for a holiday so if you want to talk to us give us a call on this number below 565519# .” 

 Annabel was so buffed from that run that she didn’t know anything about Jessie’s family holiday of to Africa. Because she was next to the gate way trying to get her breath back. After Sandy has recored that letter on her mind went to Annabel and told her everything she recored. 

Cause another fact about Sandy was that she had an amazing memory. Annabel said to Sandy “ Well we had to sneak away from mum but not just mum we also sneaked away from home just to read this STUPID LETTER ” Sandy angrily replied “ We came to see if

Jessie was here.” As they were arguing they heard a voice. They quickly went quite. Annabel got scared. So as Sandy. Than they heard it again. They thought that Jessie's place was haunted. They went to check at the backgard but nothing. Then Annabel really got scared. Then thunder and lightning started pouring down from the sky. 

Then they ran to the door way of Jessie's place. Their hearts stared to pound fast. 200 hundred pounds per minute. Then they heard that whisper again. They went around at the back again in the thunder and the lightning and then the saw a wombed little kitten. Sandy raced to it took it away from the thunder and lightning then race back home. 

At home Sandy and Annabel's mum was worried. Cause they have been gone for long and plus it was lightning and thunder. Then when Sandy and Annabel's mum heard someone knocked on the door she quickly ran and open it and there they were Sandy and Annabel and the wombed kitten. 

Sandy said quickly " Mum can you fix this poor little kitten " Mum replied" Okay I will try to do what I can." When The little kitten was good as new the thunder and lightning started to disappear while the sun is coming. Everyone was happy but Annabel and sandy was grounded. So they now learned there lesson.  It is................


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