Friday, 1 November 2013

Retelling A Story

One lovely day the was a girl who lived on a beautiful farm. She was the rouse. Everyday her dad would always shave the sheep, and that day was today. As her dad was shaving the sheep her job was the Rouse as you already know. The Rouses job was to carry the fleeces to the table, sort the wool, load the wool into the press and to sweep all the wool of the ground. And plus on that lovely farm they did not just have one sheep they had 1500 of them. So she had to do her job over and over and over again. 1500 of them.  She also had dog. Three of them to be exacted.

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  1. Hi Quasia,
    When I was reading your're writing I had lots of detail. I thought you need a bit more writing because it's not to much. BYE!