Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Emma and Gemma's trip to Super Adventure Land

 This is a picture of a rubric marking the scores of my narrative and also my friends Sela. Sela's mark is the colour Yellow and my is the colour blue.

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Emma. She had a friend named Gemma they were besties for quite a long time. Today was Gemma's birthday and Emma wanted to celebrate it by going to somewhere she’s never been before.

It had Roller coasters and heaps of other different rides but the one Emma had in mind was the 2.1.0.o. ride. It was the scariest ride in town. You can also tell by the name. It was built in 1821 by a man named Steve Henderson the son of John Henderson. Emma would always wake up and ring Gemma to catch up on her if she had a great sleep and girl things.

But this morning it was Gemma’s birthday so instead of Emma doing her normal things like she always does like ring up to catch up on Gemma. But today she tried to keep it like a surprise. So Emma sneaked out of bed ran got changed quickly then ran up to her mum Sandra and said “ Mummy you know it is my friend Gemma’s birthday and I want it to be a surprise so can you ring her mum and tell her to tell Gemma that she has to stay home PLEASE ”. So Emma’s mum did it but she did it she had a confused face, because Emma hasn't been so excited like this ever.

So when Gemma’s mum got the phone call she rushed quietly because Gemma just woke up and told Gemma. Gemma tried to ask her mum what was going on and why didn't Emma ring her but her mum was to fast she ran off. Gemma’s mum had butterflies in her stomach because she was so eager to tell Gemma but she made her promise. Over across at Emma’s place Emma was all over the place too busy doing the decorations her mum thought that she might have forgotten about the 2.1.0.o tickets.

So when she was done, she told her mum again “ Mum can you ring Gemma’s Mum to tell Gemma she came come over now ". As Gemma and her mum was coming, Gemma thought everyone must have forgotten about her birthday because her mum didn't say HAPPY BIRTHDAY not even her best friend Emma.

So as Gemma and her mum stood in front of Emma’s door, Gemma started to fell a little better because she thought Emma might remember her birthday. Then when Emma’s mum opened the door Emma ran out of nowhere and came up to her and shouted with a big voice “ HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEMMA "! Then Gemma thought again to herself so Emma, no one forgot about my birthday. Emma said to Gemma " This is going to be the best birthday ever "!

So before Gemma stepped into the house Emma ran out with tickets in her hand and said “ We are not staying here first we have to go somewhere first ". And that somewhere was the 2.1.0.o ride in Super Adventure Land. They all hopped into Emma’s car and Sandra Emma’s mum drove them to Super Adventure land. As Emma's mum was driving she thought " So Emma hasn't forgot about the tickets after all ".

Once they got there they all hopped out with excitement and ran to the counter. Emma ran first she gave the man at the counter the tickets and then she leaded everyone to the 2.1.0.o ride. Emma was the first one there then came Gemma and then it came the mums. The ride was only for Emma and Gemma so Emma and Gemma hopped inside the ride and buckled there seat belts and of went the ride. It went up, down, down, up it was super super fun that’s why it was called Super adventure land.

Then it came to a point it went super high and when it was about to go down it suddenly STOP. Booommm bannnggg booooom it was really broken. Gemma couldn't believe it. She said to Emma “ OMG this cannot be happening on my birthday”, then Emma just realise she forgot to say “ I hope you enjoy the ride”. 

Because that's what she would always say when they go on any ride. But she forgot to say it on this ride so Emma said “ I hope you enjoy this ride”. Then by the time Emma was finishing of saying the word ride the 2.1.0.o went back on and then Gemma was happy again and gave a big lovely hug to Emma. And the they enjoyed their ride.

The End !!!

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