Monday, 11 November 2013

Athletics Day Story

Athletics Day Story !!!!!! ( Matatua )

On Friday we had our school athletics day. We did sports like High jump, Triple jump, Discus, Shot Put, Javelin, Sprint, Tug A War and sack race. The category I was in was the year 6 girls. All of them were my friends so it was kind of weird racing and competing against my friends.

That day was so hot. But not for long cause there came a time where rains started pouring. Rain drops splashed everywhere and I can say most of them went on me. And that wasn’t nice at all mother nature!!! Our first sport was the amazing Shot put. I myself know shot put mostly because well of course Olympic and Valerie Adams. Talk about Valerie she is a star.

In shot put I came 3rd then it dropped to 4th then it went down up and YEAH. Well unluckily I did not make it in the top 3 for the inter zone. After that sport we tramped our feet over to the sport Mr S ( Somerville ) was hosting with one of our well known friends Jarred the sport Discus. When we first got there we listen to the instruction that Jarred and Mr S told us. Then the game has started. We were organized in lines 2 lines to be exacted.

To Be continued........

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  1. Thank you for the tour of your school yesterday. I am telling others about you and your school and hope you get more comments from the USA.