Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Retelling the story of A foal was born.

One day there was a horse named Del. The owner had a son named Ryan who would always have his
eyes on the Horse.He even had his eyes on Del for a whole eleven months and watched her grow bigger and bigger. 

When Ryan woke up the next morning his mum was already down at the horse paddock. When he went there he saw that Del just born a foal.

Ryan wanted to touch the little foal but he had to go school. So off he went and then after school he came straight home to stroke Del's little foal. When he started stroking it Ryan's mum decided that the little foal's name is Dusty.

Then when Ryan finished stroking Dusty he let Dusty and Del get used to each other.  After that Ryan's mum came and put a looped rope around Dusty so she can get used to it.

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