Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Sports Hero

One reason why I chose to play netball because I got inspired by the silver ferns. I mostly got inspired by Maria Tutaia. I love how she plays and how she shoots. She is a really good example to all the other little ones who also wants to play too. I was lucky enough this year to have met her and watch her play live. She is an inspiration.
Image result for maria tutaia


  1. Oh? She is a good shooter? I should probably watch her to get some tips for my shooting too.

    I guess it was my turn to learn something from you today. Good work Quasia.


  2. Well I asked who your favourite player was, and now I know! She's one of my favourite players too :-) I really enjoy watching her on the court, her long range shooting is unbelievably good.

    More importantly she's a great role model on and off the court too. I'm glad to hear that you're inspired by her, I know a lot of young players are! Hopefully she plays for the Silver Ferns for years to come :-)

    When did you get to see her play live? Who were they playing? I love going along to live netball, it's always so much faster than what it seems on TV!

    Thanks for another blog Quasia. I hope you're enjoying your holidays :-)