Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Interesting facts I found out about Germany!

1. Did you know that Germany's capital city (Berlin) is also their largest city?
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2. Do you like soccer? Well if you do you would have known that Germany is very good at it. Also, they won the Fifa World Cup in 2014. 
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3.  In Europe Germany has the largest economy.
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To find out more facts stay up to date on my blog and I will provide you facts you didn't know and more. 


  1. Hi Quasia! These are fantastic facts! Great work! And yes, I do like soccer. I remember watching Germany win as a child!

    Keep up the effort! You're doing really well!


  2. Kia ora Quasia,

    Great fact hunting! I will definitely be staying on your blog to find out more facts that I didn't know, well done :-)

    Soccer is one of my favourite sports, I remember watching Germany win the World Cup. They are a very good team! I saw you really like netball, do you like any other sports too?

    Germany have a very strong economy. A lot of countries in Europe belong to a group called the European Union. This means that they all have special deals for trading things with one another, and they help to look after one another too.

    Germany sounds like it will be a very interesting journey for you, keep up the great work!