Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Rugby is the best!

Rugby is one of New Zealand's most successful sports. The All Blacks our very own rugby team has won the Rugby world cup 3 times and has accomplished many world records. The reason why rugby is the best sport is that this sport can be fun and be challenging at the same time. It requires a lot of strength, mentality, ability, skills and more...
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  1. Hi Quasia and welcome to the Summer Learning Journey. It is fabulous to see that you have joined our blogging programme this year. We're thrilled to have you!

    I love that you've chosen to visit Germany. It is a really fascinating place to go. The food is really delicious and the buildings/architecture are very different to New Zealand.

    Interestingly, the people of Germany are very familiar with soccer but they don't know very much about rugby. It isn't a very popular sport (yet) in the country. However, as you've mentioned, it is a sport that requires a lot of strength, mental ability, physical skills as well as determination, perseverance, dedication, etc. I really admire both the men and women who play rugby for our country.

    On that note, did you have the chance to watch our rugby teams play at the recent Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro? The women won a silver medal in a very hard fought game against Australia. It was nail biting!

    I really hope that you will continue to blog with us over the holiday. It will help you to maintain your awesome reading and writing skills and ensure that you're ready for another great school year at Tamaki College!

    All the best,

    Rachel :)

    1. My pleasure! You deserve it. You are doing an awesome job with your blogging.

    2. Hi Rachel,
      Just wanting to ask a question. I was wondering how do I know that other kids are blogging so I can leave comments on their blog? Thank You!

    3. Hi Quasia,

      It's great to hear from you! Thanks for the message:) To find out who else is participating, you can go to the 'Participation & Awards' tab on the Summer Learning Journey blogging site. When you click on the tab it will bring you to a page that will have a link for the full list of all of the student's who have registered for the programme this summer. The link is called 'List of Participants: Summer Learning Journey 2016-2017.'

      I hope that you'll comment on other student's blogs and continue to post great blogs yourself!

      Cheers, Rachel :)

    4. Hi Rachel,
      One more thing. I was curious, am I a participant because I am blogging but I didn't see my name on the form?

      Thank you!

    5. Hi Quasia,

      Yes, you are absolutely a participant! You name is listed with the Tamaki College group. It's the fourth name down in the list.



  2. Kia ora Quasia!

    Yet again an awesome blog. I really like the words you have used to describe the skills of rugby at the end. It seems you really love sport and know a lot about it. Week 1 has a question about Bull Fighting, a sport in Spain that people want banned because of the cruelty to animals, I might like to hear whether you think it even counts as a sport!

    Kia kaha, looking forward to your next blog.


  3. Kia ora Quasia,

    Wow how cool is it to have so many people commenting on your blogs? You've described your reasons really well, and I like the language you've used to get your point across. Do you play rugby as well as netball?

    Rugby is obviously very popular in New Zealand, and the All Blacks are famous world wide. I watched the Black Ferns compete at Rio de Janeiro like Rachel did, and I was very proud of them! They played so well and we should all be proud of their silver medal.

    Do you know where they're holding the next Rugby World Cup? It's not until 2019, but they're planning on having it in Japan which I think is very cool. I'm hoping to go along and check it out if I can save up enough!

    Keep up the awesome blogging Quasia, they're a lot of fun to read :-)