Tuesday, 27 December 2016


In week 2 activity 1 of the Summer Learning Journey they asked me to write a poem on how I would feel if I was standing in an airport in a foreign country and had to figure out how to communicate with people in a brand new language. Would I be scared? Would I feel confident?
So here's my poem below to answer their questions...


  1. Awesome work Quasia!! I love this poem - not only does it rhyme but it really captures your feelings so clearly and also includes some humour. You've found a lovely way to balance real emotion with light-hearted references.

    Well done!!!

    It is also great to see that you were able to include a picture of yourself and embed it behind your poem. How did you do that? I would love to learn as it is a really cool way to display information.

    Great job!


  2. Wow! Great work Quasia! I see you mixed together activity one AND activity 2. I'll make sure to make note of that.

    The first time I went overseas it was very surreal, just like you say. But I also felt like I'd made it, you know? Finally gotten somewhere I had always wanted to see. It was exciting and fulfilling. I hope you get to travel one day too.

    Kia kaha!


  3. Hi Quasia,

    What an awesome poem! Travelling to a new country that you've never been to before can be very daunting, and it's perfectly okay to feel nervous, or like you might spew! I reckon a good idea could be to take a travel companion (or two) with you, maybe a good friend or family member you'd like to go with? That way if you get reeeeeally nervous, then they'll be able to support you :-)

    I like how not only did you manage to get it to rhyme, but you also included some German in there too! With your positive attitude you will have an amazing time travelling to somewhere like Germany.

    Happy travels!