Thursday, 3 December 2015

Time with Friends

! F R I E N D S !

When the clock struck 11.30am the whole senior block rushed there way quickly back to the street. Once we arrived there everyone was up on their feet ready for an adventure. We were going to do the amazing race@I could see the excitement in some people’s eyes. Others, well they had a mixture of emotions for e.g: nervousness.

As soon as we finished changing, we were back in class ready to know what groups we will be in. When I found out what group I was in I was more than just happy I was energised. I got put together with my best friend Lizara and also my fellow peers Jalen and Damien.  

Our first station was the Photo Booth where we had to dress up as funky as we wanted and then pose in front of the camera with specific poses.  The moral of that station for me was to be as creative you can be with whatever we had around us.... and also to test and exercise our posing skills.

The time I had with my group at the Photo Booth Station was amazing. Not only did we work fine together but we got to know each other more better.

In each stations we went to there was a time maximum and that time was only ten minutes. And because we only had ten minutes we had to rush to our stations because not only do we get points for the work we did but we also get arrival points.

Well, my group we all wanted to win because losing for us was not a good feeling. The feeling of losing is like... well for me it is indescribable. But no one likes losing. And because of these thoughts this is what motivated us to work better together.

Next we came to the Face Cookie station. My first impression of this station just by appearance was that we had to see who could eat the most cookies. But no! I was wrong. We had been given a cookie and when we were already we had to place the cookie on the top of our forehead. The aim of this game was to try and make the cookie got into your mouth without making it drop or using any body parts apart from your face.

I am not going to lie it was hard, so hard that I didn’t even get it once in my mouth. I got so frustrated that I wanted to give up. But if I gave up then I would have let my team down knowing that I could and can do better.

That experience was fun. It was fun because we played games and because I worked with my friends. Our relationship between each other grew stronger and I am happy that I got to share that experience with them.

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