Thursday, 3 December 2015

Beginning Sentence Correction 1

Beginning Sentence Correction 1

Directions: Correct the errors in the following sentences. Be sure to rewrite the sentence just like the example.

Example: I are very happy.  
I am very happy.

1. Candy taste sweet.  
Candy tastes sweet.  

2. I gonna get a new cat.
   I’m gonna get a new cat.

3. she like dogs.  are u sure
   She likes dogs. Are u sure?

4. Me favorite color is red.  
  My favorite color is red.  

5. I  happy now.  
  I’m happy now.  

6. What time it is?  
   What time is it?  

7.  My head hurt.
   My head hurts.

8. When we gonna eat?
   When are we gonna eat?

9. He don’t like vegetables.
   He doesn't like vegetables.

10. Me favorite color are blue.
     My favorite color is blue.

11. she does her homework every night.
    She does her homework every night.

12. I leaving now.  
I’m leaving now.

13.  I go now.
      I’m going now.

14. I want three egg.
     I want three eggs.

15. We are learning english.
     We are learning english.

16. I have too cats
    I have two cats

17. You chair is red.
     Your chair is red.
18. I no have time.
   I have no time.

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