Thursday, 3 December 2015

Pourquoi Tale.

Why does a Butterfly have nothing to do with butter?

Begins with an egg.
Underneath the shell is a caterpillar.
Teeth to chew through and come out of a shell.
Trying to eat a lot of plant.
Each time it grows it sheds it’s skin.
Reaches a spot on a plant to make a chrysalis.
Forms wings and antennae
Leaves the chrysalis as a butterfly
Young caterpillar is gone now it is a butterfly.


One lovely day a butterfly was flying elegantly around a local farm. That butterfly would always get anilled (Animal Bullying). He would get asked from animals excipally animals who produced butter, why are you called Butter fly when you have nothing to do with butter?

The poor butterfly would always wonder why? One day a bee came flying by and told that butterfly that the reason its name is butterfly was because back back back flyes swam in a lake of butter. One fly drowned and then appeared up as a beautiful fly with big wings. That day everyone called that a butterfly. Now flyes swim in the lake of butter to become a butterfly.

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