Friday, 16 August 2013

The Ugly Duckling.

Once upon a time there was a little duckling who thought to himself that he was the only duckling that was the colour black. Ducks and duckling keeps on walking past him and boiling him and also calling him names and making  him feel left out.

People you know that your friends doesn't have to be the same colour or different. Because your friends are your friends it doesn't matter what they look like because who cares what people say about you. Friends can come in all kind of sizes and colours but who care because they are your friends.

Okay let’s get back to the Black duckling. The black duckling was normally called and teased with the named Ugly Black duckling. One duckling was so popular at the ugly duckling’s school really felt sorry for him but was too scared to let it out because he was too scared that people might tease him too and he might not become popular anymore.

The ugly duckling would always go to school feeling the same and being ready for the same thing to happen again and again.  The ugly duckling said to himself this “ I am so different from everyone and I so don’t fit in this school”.

Everyday after school the ugly duckling would always go to the pond lonely and look at the reflection of him in the water and keep on saying to himself this  “ I am so different from everyone and I so don’t fit in this school and this world.”

The ugly duckling was so hurt really hurt. So he left his home, his family and every thing and went off somewhere where nobody anybody wouldn’t know.

He thought to himself I better run far away from himself but then he was stuck in a place and then as he was feeling and crying came an old duck from a tree not that far away.
He told that I use to feel like you when I was little bit the thing that help me overcome it was just counting to ten. The I said to myself I should go back and try what the old duck told me. Then the ugly duckling went and tried it and it help him and then he was left out any more.

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