Thursday, 8 August 2013

Making Desert with Paris For 300 People !!!


On a cold Friday night at sky city I was making desert with one of my friends named Paris from my school and we did not make the desert alone we made it with the chef who wanted me and Paris to help him his name was Paul Jobin

He told us the we were meant to make 500 but Paul was so kind he made 200 of them by himself earlier and left them in the refrigerated to keep them still. Before all of that he told us that we have to meet him at his restaurant first so he can tell us where we are going to go first. 

Me and my family came just in time Paris and his mum and aunty came out with Paul too.  Paul told me and Paris to come with him while our family's went with this lady to go have some dinner at this cool restaurant it was actually Paul restaurant called Re boo just across or next to the Sky Tower.

While they were having Dinner me and Paris were being taken around the place with Paul. He took us to some of his restaurants in the area and in the Sky Tower. He ask me and Paris if we were scared of heights and I said Yes!! He said " We are going to go up the Sky Tower and I am going to show you some of my restaurants". 

A saw were going up the Sky Tower we had to go in the elevator. There were like windows all over the elevator showing you how far you are going up. As we were in the elevator Paul told us that he had 70 or more. 

After all of that me and Paris went to the restaurant called Re Boo, the one our families went to have Dinner, and Paul asked us what we wanted to have. Paris said he would love a large Sea Food Pizza and I said I would love  a chicken burger with some fries.   


  1. Hi Quasia,
    Was it nice meeting some master chiefs? Well I wish I could and I wish I came with you. Well any way I bet you had fun cooking for 300 hundred people. I bet your hand were tired when you finished cooking. Well Done. Keep it up and I can't wait to see more from you.

  2. Hi Quasia I know how tired it is working for 300 rich and famous people. I hope you had a great experience cooking and maybe you could cook for the family.