Monday, 12 August 2013

John Key Visiting Pt England.

Last Friday all the ambassadors were going to talk to John Key. It was a cool time talking to John Key and introducing him to our school rolls and how we learn.

Everyone was excited and so was I. It was also my first time meeting him in real life. I took pictures of him and I printed it and then after that I took in front of Mr Key to let him sign it.

Before all of that all the ambassadors had to meet at Mr Burts office to have a little talk or meeting. Then we got there and he told us that day that it was Mr Key’s birthday. Yeah his birthday.

When I heard that I was so shocked because it was his birthday and he got to visit our school as a birthday present. Then suddenly Mrs Burt said that after our introduction we have to sing the birthday song to him yeah the birthday song.

When that moment came I was super super excited. Hannah had to lead the song then we came along.

There were sercerties all over the place. The was the Minister of Education.
After that we got to go back to class.


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