Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Tortoise and the mean Rabbit.

“ Hi my name is Usain and I am a tortoise over 100 years old.” I am going to tell you about myself on a race with a mean Rabbit named Speedy yeah Speedy.”

“ I love to chew on yum juicy grass.” In fact one day I was chewing and munching on my yummy  juicy grass then along came a mean thinks he is all that Rabbit named Speedy. “You know why he is called that.”

Every time he comes past me and calls me names and tease me like a mean Rabbit. Cause he is one. On that day I was enjoying chewing and munching on my juicy and delicious grass then comes that Rabbit Speedy “ As I said he called me names like cabbage head because I have a green body like any tortoise and says I am old and that I am really slow and all I do is nod all day. “He knows he hasn't seen all of me yet!!

As he was calling me names along came one of my friends named Fox and said to Speedy this “ Did you know that Usain the tortoise and every tortoise all over the farm hibernates in winter” Fox said. Speedy replied with saying “ HIBER WHAT “ Speedy said.

Fox said “ Hibernate dum head”, do you even know what it means. Speedy said “ I don’t care but all I know is that he is so slow and I am the fastest animal on this farm yeah I am even faster than you “ Speedy said!!

As Fox and Speedy keeps on correcting each other Usain felt bored and didnt care of what they were saying that he went off somewhere else to enjoy his juicy grass.

Fox said to Speedy that he is going to do a race up the hill and back with the tortoise Usain. Speedy replied with assurance and said “ Do I need to say this again I am the fastest animal on this farm.”

That moment came and Tortoise came with Speedy ready for a race. Speedy came with a smile on his face. Fox standard in the middle and said the words like ( READY STEADY GO! ! ! ).

Then off went Speedy and Usain. Speedy raced up the hill and got a little bit tired and said “ There is a tree over there I can have a little nap and dream about my victory. When he was about to take his nap a had little look to see if Usain was up.

Then Speedy went fast to have a nap and dream about victory. As he was still dreaming Usain caught up to Speedy and made it to the finish line people started to cheer.

As they were cheering all the noise made Speedy wake up and then Speedy ran fast as all the way to the finish line and then he saw that Usain was already finished.

Then Speedy was a shamed and came last. He felt so ashamed.  That how me Usain Yeah that how I won! ! ! !

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