Friday, 27 February 2015

(Zeal Zone -Cooking) Burgers!

Today in our zeal Zone group we made Burgers. Our ingredients were,
-Burger Buns
-Tomato Sauce
And salad.

While the boys Mrs Telea assigned to cook the patties my group (Angelina, Rebekah, Rave and Lizara) were inside the hall getting our buns ready. We first put on Maonase then next went some tomato sauce then the salad with some cucumber on top and then came the patties. We place the patties on top of our salad then added another squirt of Tomato sauce and then we finished it of with some lettuce and down came the top bun. "Yes we are finish, time to eat!" everyone said.

Then we ate! It was delicious. What I have learn from that is, that instead of buying fast food oily burgers from places like Mc Donald's and etc you just make your own homemade burger. The ingredients are probably cheap. I had fun today!

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