Monday, 2 February 2015

My Blog Profile

Talofa Lava and greetings to you all, my name is Yanquasia but people call me Quasia for short. My heritage and culture is Samoan. I like to play sports and also hanging out with my friends and family.  I have 2 cats named Ginger and Eric. I love them so much. My favourite rugby team is the All Blacks and I also cheer for New South Wales.

I go to Pt England School where there are amazing teachers and also students, of course. Being the eldest out of my 2 siblings it’s a big responsibility for me.

This year in school my learning goal is to move up a year or two in all my subjects.


  1. You have made another great start to the year Quasia. I know you will do really well at school and as a role model to your sister and all the younger children in the school.

    Mrs Burt

  2. Talofa lava Quasia! I loved how you used lots of detail. You are growing so fast to be even a big girl. Nice work and keep the good work:)

  3. Hi Quasia I like your writing it is nice