Monday, 2 February 2015

1st Day back at School.

Back at School I was so excited and nervous at the same time. After the welcome back assembly, the year 7 and 8 group were sent to the street where our names were called out for our new Classrooms and Teachers.

Once my name was called out I was so relived. I am now in Room 4 with the amazing Mrs Moala as my Teacher. So far meeting and working with her she is so wonderful. Having her as my Teacher is really cool. Although I miss last year i'm sure this year will be double more fun.

2015 is my year!

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  1. Talofa Lava Quasia,

    I am also feeling scared about the first day and how it continues, but I know that you will get the hang of it sooner or later. I like the image that you have put on your blog which says "Back to school". I hope you like your new classroom and having to meet knew classmates and friends. Does it kind of feel like you are a knew entrance when you come back on the first day? Well any way farewell for the future and I hope you continue playing sports and have fun at college next year.