Friday, 13 June 2014

My Term 2 Writing Sample :)


As the wind was howling and rain drops we falling the clock struck 4.15 pm and off the Pt England Panthers went to start their game. My sister Glennes was playing in the first half as W.D (Wing Defence). Well my cousin Sheena was sub on the first half just encouraging her team mates and watching and waiting for her time to come.

The siren rang and the game has started. Their appointed started with the ball. When the whistle was blown everyone started coming forward and shouting “ Here, Here Me, Me!” Well me and my other sister Marilyn was just eating hot chips and watching. .

The appointed finish the first half with 5 to nil. The Panthers coach said to them like this ‘’ You girls need to spread out and get some goal in OKAY.” The siren went on again but this time my cousin Sheena went on now well my sister Glennes was having a break. Sheen went on play G.A (Goal Attack).

The umpire blew the whistle but this time the Panthers started the game having the ball first. Panthers went up to the centre and started calling for the ball. The Pt England centre quickly passed it to the free person which was Sheena (Goal Attack). The Sheena passed it to WA and the off it went to GS and back to Sheena. Sheena shoot'd and it went in. Now on the point paper it was 5 to 1.. 4 minutes passed and Sheen scored another 5 shots. The along came another 4 from Sheena again. The Panthers were really going hard and making a lot of improvement in the second half. 2 more minutes were left and the panthers were going for another goal but unfortunately the other team stole the ball and had the last goal of the game.

The finishing siren went on and the Panthers lost by 1 point. The score of the game was 10 to 9. It was a strong comeback in the second half from the Panthers. The Panther tried their best! :)

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