Friday, 27 June 2014

A.F.L Effective Writing.

On a normal not perfect Wednesday when the clock struck 9.40 am off we went walking to the hall getting ready for A.F.L. A.F.L. means (Aussie Football League). Each week we learn at least 2 or more skills in our A.F.L. section.

Walking in, the footballs that were laying on the ground caught my attention. I knew we were going to have fun and some people would eventually get sweaty, and when I say sweaty I mean really sweaty just like they have just finished having a shower. And that was meaning boys.

The skills we have learned was,

1. Speckie

2. Handball

3. The Bounce

4. Ruck

5. Chest Mark

6. Hand Mark.

After we played a game. We had to be splited up  into two groups called Rats and Rabbits. Then it got splited  again into now on four sides. They were still Rats and Rabbits. On one side Rabbits started with two footballs and on the other side Rats  started with the ball. With had to work as a team to eliminate the other team. We had to use the skill Handball. Unfortunately Rabbits lost by 1 under and Rats won!! A.F.L. has been so fun this term. We still have one more section to go but it will be amazing. :)

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