Sunday, 4 May 2014

When I grow Up!

When I grow up I would like to be a netball player and a rugby player or a flight attendance or a dancer the one who doesn't makes up dances but follows them.

So Netball. Playing netball gives me the joy and fun to play it over and over again. When I play I don't want to go on sub because I like want my time to last for long.

Now Rugby. And for rugby I gives me the strength and the thought to become more stronger not stronger like a body builder but stronger in my mind and mentally.

And Flight Attendance. I would like to be a flight attendance because I love travelling and also love meeting different people with different backgrounds and different places. One place I would love to go to is either Hawaii or Fiji.

Now last and not least a dancer.  What I love about dancing is that you get to embrace the talent and passion you have for dancing. I am not of those dancers who like to make up dances but I like to follow them. When I dance I feel happy and joyful.

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