Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Samoan Language Week!

This week is Samoan language and we celebrated it today at our school in our hall. We started of as normal (greetings), then we had national anthem but there was a twist it wasn't just the normal New Zealand anthem we also sang the Samoan National anthem.

Then came our first performance bought by the Teuila Preschool kids singing and dancing for us. One of our school student named Sereinty said a Samoan prayer then along came another school student named Christian who said a Samoan speech.

After the speeches along came the school's Samoan dance group. They performed their siva (dance) and off they went. Then the spotlight awaited for our special guest performance the Tamaki College Samoan Dance group. After they shined the end was about to come.

So before we it came to an end we firstly sang a Samoan prayer song then closed the celebration of the Samoan language week with a prayer. And that was our Samoan Language week celebration. Thanks :)

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