Monday, 5 May 2014

Immersion Assembly!

This term Our topic is ( I like to move it  move it ). As coming back to school from two weeks of holiday I was surprised what my eyes saw. In our school hall I saw balloons everywhere. It looked like a party. All different colours of the balloons lined up on the sides.

Sitting down on our senior seats I was filled with curiosity. Curios about what was going to happen and what are we going to learn from the balloons. As we all were seated Mr Burt said his normal intro " Tena kotou Tamariki Ma" (Hello Kids), and we reply with "Tena Koe Mr Burt."

The first team who performed for us to show us what their topic was Team One. Mr Burt called them up and of they started. They showed us clip about they topic for this term and their topic was learning about how the machines at the zoo help keep the animals safe and healthy and how those machines help us in our homes.

Then came team two and they were learning about planes. All the teachers were dressed like planes, pilot and a fairy. Then along came team 3 and their topic was about light and colour. It was really something new.

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