Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My Book Review!!

Book Title: Stick Dudes Water Fight Frenzy
Author: Felice Arena
Reviewer: Quasia Class 4
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This book is about Ben and his friends having a pool date just like having a play date. They thought of the idea of a pool date because it's the holidays, and finally the sun is out. As they were at their pool date Ben told his friends if they would like to play pirates.So Ben had to keep a sharp lookout for any pirates. Then comes the problem in Ben's next door their lived girls and they hated Ben and his friends.
The girls next door are having a play date and the cannot play and continued...........
I was relieved she looked the other way as she handed me my shorts. "Tie them up tight this time, Ben," she smirked. "And come and have some lemonade."

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